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Aeon (band)
As I sat down to review the new Aeon album, Aeons Black, I started putting together some questions to ship over to the band. Thankfully, Metal Blade Records got those questions over to guitarist Zeb Nilsson. A few days later, he responded.

How are you doing at this point? Is everything well on your end?

Yeah we´re doing fine here. Rehearsing for some upcoming gig and stuff.

Aeon is getting ready to drop soon. What is the waiting period like for the band at this point? Are you anxious to see what the fans thought, and are you expecting plenty of positive feedback?

It feels like a very long period to just wait right now. We recorded the album and mixed it in june so we have been waiting for some time now. I do feel very good about both the material and the mix so I guess I expect positive feedback, but then you can never know what others will think.

Was Aeon been touring recently and playing any new material live? If so, how did those dates go, and what was the fan reaction to the new material compared to what appears on the previous three albums?

No we haven’t been playing any of the new songs live yet. The first gig that we will play from our new album will be in Denmark on the 24th of November.

I saw that Aeon’s only other show this year is in Denmark at Club Sick. Why is the band waiting until next year to push the album after its release date?

It´s all a matter of good planning from our agent. Being a small band like us you cannot just book the way you feel like if there´s a big tour package out at the same time its just stupid to compete with that. Its just smarter to put your tour later then. But then there´s always a lot of big bands touring so it´s actually more like choosing the least worst time. *laughs*

Going through your tour dates on the official page, I don’t see any North America shows coming up, or even recently! Have you guys been here at all before, and does Aeon plan to, or at least want to come over to the States to promote Aeon Black?

Already from our first EP Dark Order the plan has been to tour North America and that hasn’t changed at all. We had a big shot in 2007 when we had a spot in the bill for Metal Blade´s 25th anniversary tour. We had everything covered back then and it was a huge tour that started of 2-4 days after the release of our Rise to Dominate. But at this point Nils decided to go on a tour with Dark Funeral instead and he told us on very short notice so we had no choice but to cancel. After that we have been offered a couple of tour but we have had no economy to do them. Being a European band and to tour USA is very expensive because of working visas.

Believe me when I say that Aeon would want nothing more than to tour North America, but looking at the way things are I doubt that we will ever be able to do it. No promoter or any festival have ever asked for Aeon there.

Getting onto the album, why did the band decide to work with Ronnie Björnström as the producer, engineer, mixer, and master? Also, what was it like working with him in Garageland Studios?

For the last 2 years Aeon have had Ronnie as sound tech when we play live as much as we´ve been able to bring him. He is just a cool guy and a good friend and he is just amazing at what he is doing. The first time we used him live they also recorded our show through the mix console and he just made an incredible mix of the show for us that just said it all. Also at every show that we have had Ronnie with us, people are telling us that the sound was incredible good. You can hear one song from that mix here.

Working with him in the studio was totally cool, we actually brought him over here to Emipre Studio which is located here where we live for the recording part. Only the mix part was done at Garageland Studio.

Were there any other individuals you thought about working with before Ronnie’s name came about, or perhaps if he didn’t agree to handle any or all of those duties with Aeons Black?

Actually we decided to work with him before we started the writing process for this album so we didn’t really consider anyone else cause of that. But that doesn’t mean that we aren’t happy with our previous partners like Erik Rutan or Dan Swanö. It was just a natural thing since we were so happy with working with Ronnie live. And we also wanted to have someone there for both the recording and the mix and mastering and that would have been impossible with Erik, and Swanö doesn’t record anymore. He is only mixing and mastering nowadays.

How much input did Aeon have in the studio over how the material sounded? Do you think that without Ronnie’s involvement, the album might have sounded any different?

Yeah I do think so of course. Ronnie made an incredible job and he put a lot of effort into it.

There were a lot of instrumental tracks scattered about with a bit of a cinematic flare. Why did you throw these in as bridges between certain tracks? Are you content with how they came out?

Yeah we did have a lot of that on our debut album Bleeding the False too, but they were maybe not as obvious on that album since some of them came at the end of a song and worked as a interlude to the next song. This time we made individual index numbers on the CD for all of them which also meant that we needed to put names on them all. We all feel that having things like this only enhance the brutality on the “real” songs as well as puts some cool atmosphere to the whole production.

On previous albums there was no denying a Cannibal Corpse touch, but Aeons Black seems to show a good deal more. Were they a huge influence this time around? Were there any other bands, or even life experiences or other sources that may have impacted the music?

Cannibal Corpse as well as Morbid Angel, Deicide and Suffocation have always been the major inspiration for us, but yeah there are a lot of other bands that inspire us too. I have never been a big fan of Machine head before, but their latest two albums (The Blackening and Unto the Locust) made an huge impact on me so I think that that’s one of the many reasons why I ended up writing more heavy song this time. Also other musicians inspire me like Yngwie Malsteen have always done. But also classical composers like Edward Grieg and movie score composers like Howard Shore have their impact on me.

Aeon released two streams from the album, one being a lyric video. Are there any plans or thoughts being kicked around of shooting an actual music video for something off Aeons Black, or any idea post-release polans to promote it?

Both actually. We have talked about shooting a video for a song, and we have more studio reports and teasers and whatnot that are coming up on the internet in a near future.

Is there anything else you would like to mention before I let you go?

Yeah I would ask you all that reads this to really check out our new album. No matter if you like our previous shit, or if you do not like it….I think you will find this record good either way. It´s still Aeon, but more groovy and easier to catch.

Again, thank you very much for your time, and I hope everything goes great for you and Aeons Black over the coming months. Take care!

Thanks to you too. See you on tour!

Aeon: Aeons Black
Aeon (Band)
Interview conducted thanks to Metal Blade Records.