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Cavus (band)
I was given a chance to shoot some questions over to Cavus for an interview to compliment my review of their new album, Fester and Putrefy. Not too long after, band member W got the answers back.

The production of Fester and Putrefy really seems to work well for the recording with it’s more raw sound. Do you feel the same way? Was this something you did to help build on the intensity of the album, or create an atmosphere a more digital recording could not?

The production on the album is totally deliberate. We did not only want to capture the songs on tape, but the feeling of them and the band too so one could almost smell the the atmosphere of where the album was recorded. Of course it would be easyer and faster to book a faceless studio for a couple of weeks and use presets and plugins but it would not give a unique outcome like we got now.

It seems like the vocals are of a much higher quality in the mix, but yet at a lower volume and kind of hidden in the mix. Why is that?

Cavus is a very string-orientaited band with emphasis on riffs and grooves, we play very loud and downtuned and thus need alot of room for these instruments. On a digital record with one stereotrack, everything can not simply be loud at the same time. We chose to give more space to the grunt and rumble insted of doing a radiofriendly sing-along mix. You can still hear the vocals perfectly so we don’t see this as a problem in any way.

For the most part, the album focuses on speed and intensity, but yet there are some slower tracks on here. These kind of feel a little out of place, but still sound good. Were these geared more as tracks to give the listener a breather between the more furious material, or any other reason?

We have had diversity in our songwriting from the start, with some songs slower and some songs faster. The only reason for this is to get to express ourselves in all the ways we want, there’s no reason to limit oneself to a certain tempo. The album simply gives a very realistic image of us as a band in that time.

The music itself seemed to vary greatly. To me it felt like I heard traces of earlier Black Metal acts like Venom, all the way to Swedish Death Metal inputs. One of the bridges during “Horns of Gold” even reminded me of “Brave New Hell” by Bloodbath. Were these bands any sort of inspiration for the recording, or were there any others that played a pivotol roll in the writing of Fester and Putrefy?

As an “oldschool” band our main influences of course lie in similar music, but there are really no groups we would try to emulate or copy when we create our material. This is something that streams naturally through us so we just let it create itself. We consider ourself as a pure black metal band so all death- or else metal referenses are purely in the mind of the beholder in that sense. [Corrected me in a typo on the title of the Bloodbath track. Sorry for the confusion, W]

Are you happy with the final product, or is there anything on the release that you think should have been done differently?

There are always things one would like to do differently in hindsight, but there is no point in thinking about these things becouse what is done is done and can not be changed. As said, the “Fester and Putrefy” album is a very accurate portrait of Cavus and perfect from that point of view. Our next album will most likely then on it’s own turn sound and look a bit different, as it also should. Just as nature is the devil’s church, unperfect and unlimited, so should we be too.

The band members seem to acknowledge themselves more as initials then actual names. Is this to try to keep a mysterious aura around the band, and has it been working?

It is not so much a case of trying to be mysterious than to take away focus from ourselves and putting it on the group instead. Using pseudonyms taken from Harry Potter books and running around with capes and swords is not our thing. We don’t do roleplay, we don’t play Dungeons and Dragons. We play Black Metal.

Are there any future plans for the band after the release of Fester and Putrefy in the States?

We are hoping to get to play in the States at some point, but as everyone knows it’s not an easy task. There’s alot of paperwork to be battled with visas, criminal records etc. but we’ll see. In the mean time we have some tours and festivals coming up in Europe, as well as working on new material for the next album.

Is there anything you would like to mention that I haven’t touched on?

Reach for infinity and enjoy the temporal pleasures in between.

Cavus: Fester and Putrefy
Interview conducted thanks to Listenable Records via Clawhammer PR.