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Cephalic Carnage (band)
Cephalic Carnage have a brand new album out, and I have been given the chance to do a brand new interview. Misled by Certainty is available now, and so are the answers sent over from Nick Schendzielos, the group’s bassist and backing vocalist. Check out what he had to say about the album, lyrical themes, and more!

It seems like this album is more of an experimental release compared to some of your more recent efforts. Was that one of the intentions of the band when coming into this effort, or do you not wee it that way?

Nick Schendzielos:
I think every record of Cephalic is experimental. We will allow any riff, any song type, any genre to rear it’s head onto a record if we feel like it. It is just fucking boring to hear an artist sit there and milk their “signature” sound record after record. There’s no risk, and from what I understand about a lot of things in life, if there’s no risk, there’s no reward. Trying new things and succeeding with them is true progress..

You’ve brought in other elements of metal before in your music, but this release finds you working a lot with what sounds like Progressive and even Math Metal/Metalcore sounds. What possessed you to go this route with the music on some of these songs?

Nick Schendzielos:
I think we were possessed by THC and winter and Bambi and Ghandi and Elvis and Caffeine and dexterity exercises and letting the music write itself.

Compared to the rest of the release, the first track just seems very out of place. The rest of the album is sounds really deep and heavy and has a heavy technical Death Metal foundation, whereas this one sounds very airy and a little upbeat. Is there a specific reason you guys put this song on the album, especially why it was chosen to kick start the album?

Nick Schendzielos:
Yeah we wanted to have like a real Huey Lewis and the News type of an upbeat song open the record. It was Len’s idea. He’s a huge Huey fan and he’s always making us listen to them on tour, so eventually it wore off and now the start of the album is like back to the future except we throw in a little bit of airy/watery-ness with a little dirt sprinkled in to make sure it’s still gritty..

Another song on here that just sticks out compared to the rest is “Ohrwurm”. It’s honestly just one of those songs that, when it starts, you wanna get up and beat the hell out of someone. What did you guys wind up doing to manage how much testosterone and balls that song actually brings to the table? Or was it one of the simplest songs off the album and you didn’t even bother?

Nick Schendzielos:
That’s great if it makes you feel violent, the more violence the more creation there is you know? It’s a song that I wrote the music and lyrics for, and I really wasjust kinda letting the song flow out of me. I wanted it to be chaotic and spazzy, but still have some strong groove in it. I’m not sure how it ended up so heavy, but I’m glad you like it cause it’s one of my favorites. Oh, and yes we definitely bothered.

How did the song “Repangaea” come about as a song for Misled by Certainty?

Nick Schendzielos:
Repangaea came about from one riff. Steve wrote the music, and I wrote most of the lyrics with Len writing a section at the end. The start of the song was just that one little guitar thing, and we just built and built and built and built and built and built and built and built until it was about 15 minutes long. We had to spend 4 days tracking vocals for it, cause it was like doing 4 songs or so and there was stuff that took a while to get tracked right because of the rhythms and tones. But yeah it’s really epic and awesome. One of the longest songs I’ve been a part of!

Are there any other influences that impacted the album then what was mentioned earlier that you’d like to mention?

Nick Schendzielos:
Fart machine.

Of course. Well, how did the recording of Misled by Certainty wind up going? Were there any special techniques you used in the studio, or anything important to the final outcome you

Nick Schendzielos:
We just wanted to make a record that didn’t suck, so we implemented our collective recording knowledge during pre-production and Dave came in and messed everything up. Just kidding he’s awesome. But he really doesn’t like to work more than about 4 days a week if he can.

You call yourselves Hydrogrind, a combination of death metal and grindcore mixed with marijuana based themes. Looking back at all the releases you guys have put out, do you still look at yourselves the same way? It seems like there are moments on various releases with lyrical content that would verify that title, but on your past few releases, as well as Misled by Certainty, it seems there’s less marijuana-themed material to be found to accompany the band continuing to grow and the Sludge atmospheres.

Nick Schendzielos:
Yeah we’re now called Rocky Mountain Oyster Lodro Sludge.

It does seem like the band continues to progress with each album musically. is there anything you’d like to see the band do at some point as it continues to mature at some point?

Nick Schendzielos:
Maybe a movie score or something like that. I bet we’d make a sick ass movie score.

How about you? Are there any personal goals you’d like to achieve, say in the next 10 years, with this band or any other in the near future?

Nick Schendzielos:
I’d like to have enough scrill to take my friends and family on tour with me. I think that’d be rad. Play Red Rocks once, play that crazy cavern venue down south where-ever, and maybe play a show on an airplane that’s going down.

With exception to Conforming to Abnormality, all of your full-lengths have been issued through Relapse Records. I assume since day one they have been quite pleased with your efforts and assume you guys wound up getting a very lucrative contract with that they have put out 5 albums now, or is there some kind of black mailing secret you guys are hanging over their heads to secure such a long time contract with them?

Nick Schendzielos:
I definitely wouldn’t use the word “lucrative” to describe our contract, but we’re stoked they’re interested in working with us. It’s a way to affirm that your music has viability as a something that can be pushed. We look forward to them pushing this record really hard and making us disgusting filthy rich. ha.

Looking over your discography, there’s no video release from you guys, such as a live DVD or, given the aforementioned “hydro” aspect of your music, even something visually to coincide with either one specific album, or various songs, to push the whole hydrogrind sound. Will we ever see anything like that in the near future?

Nick Schendzielos:
At some point yes. We just have soooooooooooooo much footage its hard to say how long it’s going to take to just watch it and see what’s what? It will be fucking awesome when it’s done though trust me. TONS of hilarious footage.

How about the EPs and Splits? Any word as to if there are plans to reissue the material in those on some kind of compilation disc?

Nick Schendzielos:
We should do that. We will.

Are there any secret PR moves in the works, such as concerts coming up with bands that you have been invited on to or anything of the sort?

Nick Schendzielos:
Whoever is reading this that is in a huge rich band and wants to take us out, here’s your chance!!!

Before I let you go, is there anything you and/or the others of Cephalic Carnage have to say to those reading the review? Any demands you must bring to their attention perhaps?

Nick Schendzielos:
Don’t stop eating fish just because of mercury poisoning. We love you.

Thanks, Nick, I appreciate you taking the time out to answer these questions and giving us all a couple laughs. Hope to see you guys on the road soon!

Cephalic Carnage: Misled by Certainty
Cephalic Carnage
Interview conducted thanks to Listenable Records via Clawhammer PR.