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Cianide (band)
I had the opportunity to get some questions over to the guys in Cianide. Mike Perun answered the call and got the answers over to me rather quick. Check out what he had to say about Gods of Death and more!

Thank you very much for taking the time to talk me today.How are you doing today? I hope all is well on your end.

I’m kicking ass as always. Gonna get the drinks going soon.

Awesome, then let’s get things going! First of all, the band has been around for quite some time, 1988 from what I read on the web. And yet, the band seems to still be a strong underground act. Is that what you and the members of Cianide want, to be more in the shadows then be more of a bigger name act? Or would you guys rather it the other way around?

Well I’d love to be bigger than AC/DC, but that ain’t gonna happen playing the music we play, so we’re content to be where we are at right now.

After all this time though, are you and the rest of Cianide happy with what you have all accomplished and the releases the band has put out up to this point?

Yeah. Never thought we’d get as far as six full length albums in. Fucking tits so far.

There was roughly a six year gap between your last full-length effort, and your latest release Gods of Death. Why such the long wait to record this album?

Perfection takes time. Especially getting our dance moves down right.

Do you think all that time really helped the album and the band out, or possibly hurt either in any way?

Of course we would’ve liked to have had it finished sooner, but whatever. That’s how we roll. We’re gonna announce our breakup soon. Just so we can get more money for our “reunion” gigs.

The album simply sounds brutal and soul crushing. When you went into the studio, did Cianide specifically want such a deep and heavy audio quality to the recording, or was that more of an added bonus?

We recorded and mixed entirely ourselves, so what you hear is actually a more polished version of what we sound like when we play live. That’s all us baby…

Aside the two longer tracks of the album and their more consistent Doom Metal sound, there seems to be a lot of different styles influencing the sound. Why did the band seem to include more then that Doom Metal influence to the tracks, such as some heavier Thrash and even a more Groove Metal sound at times (from what I picked up of it on tracks like “Forsaken Doom”) or do you not feel there’s that big a change from track to track?

Please refrain from using the term “Groove metal” when it comes to us. Makes it sound like we’re from the Bay Area or something. Funny hats and shit. I think “catchy” sums it up just fine. As far as the variance in songs, that’s just how we write. We try not to analyze this shit too much. We’re not that self important…

Were there a lot of musical influences, or even personal influences that had an impact on the material of this album?

We piss and moan at and about each other, but what band doesn’t? Twenty years in, our only influence is ourselves, and porn.

What does the title of the album [Gods of Death] mean? It’s not a title of a song on the album, so I assume it has some kind of meaning or self-referennce to it…

No deep meaning. We just thought it sounded cool for an album title. Nice and pompous…

The album is being released through Hell’s Headbangers. How did it come about that you guys went with issuing this release through them?

We worked with HH [Hell’s Headbangers] before with our split 7″ with Machetazo and that was a smooth no brainer. So why not try a whole album? We asked if they wanted to sign us for a full-length and they said, “Yes”. Another no brainer.

Are there any plans to push the album once it’s released, such as a tour through the U.S. or other parts of the world, or do you guys think the funds won’t be there to do much in the way of a big push to promote Gods of Death?

We’ll do odd shows here and there but, nope. No tours. I have negative zero interest in driving around for days on end with a bunch of fucking dudes, just to play some toilet in Jerkwater USA, get treated like crap from the owners and not get paid. No thanks. I’ll be on my couch, scratching my balls watching Deadliest Catch or some shit. Laughing.

What has the reaction been like from fans who somehow heard the material and critics been like, and are you happy with what they have to say about the release?

Now that we’re on a label that buys ad spaces in magazines, I haven’t seen a bad review yet! Funny how that works…

Well I assure you no money was passed between the label and I for your good review. But, before I let you go, is there anything else you would like to mention to the readers I did not get to touch on?

BUY (our album) or DIE! METAL NEVER BENDS!

Alright, Mike, thanks again for the interview and having some fun with it. I appreciate it and hope all goes well for the album. Who knows, maybe one day you’ll play one of those odd shows up my neck of the woods! Enjoy your drinks and take care.

Thanks for the interview Jason…

Cianide: Gods of Death
Interview conducted thanks to Hells Headbangers.