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The brand debut Corpsessed album Abysmal Thresholds is upon us, and the underground is stirring with intrigue. The long overdue debut album has been receiving plenty of positive attention, and after two EP releases, it was about time I shot some questions over to these guys. After all, I had a few questions about their latest release I wanted answers to. Check out what the guys of Corpsessed had to say!

Before Abysmal Thresholds, Corpsessed issued two smaller releases The Dagger & the Chalice, as well as a self-titled EP. Why did you go this route instead of releasing a full-length like Abysmal Thresholds? Was it just not written, no interest at the time, contractual obligations…?

Albums do not write themselves – it takes time, effort and work! “Abysmal Thresholds” was released now simply because it took us a few years to compose it and evolve to that level as a band. If we would have written a full-length album a few years earlier, it would have sounded drastically different. And we were not ready for it yet at that time. “The Dagger & The Chalice” was originally meant as our demo but got us in co-operation with Dark Descent Records and released as an EP. The “Untitled” seven inch EP was done in some ways to test our new material, that finally manifested itself on “Abysmal Thresholds”.

Like your previous efforts, Abysmal Thresholds carries that raw sensation, as if recorded in the catacombs if you will, but a little more crisp than your previous two releases. Why is that? Did you use a new studio, have someone new master it, or do anything different compared to the others?

The drums were recorded in a different place than before, with the help of L.Laaksonen. Otherwise everything was recorded in our home-studio exactly with the same equipment as the EPs before. D.Lowndes mastered the album (he also mastered the 7″ and “The Dagger…” vinyl), but also helped us this time with the mixing. Otherwise the recording methods and how the sound was intended to be are very much the same.

I’ve seen your lyrical themes listed as covering the occult and H.P. Lovecraft. How much of the album is inspired by the famous writer and the ancient ones? Are there any stories in particular that influenced the music or lyrics, or even just characters in general?

H.P.Lovecrafts writings have been a huge source of inspiration since the beginning. Not just lyrically, but also conceptually and even musically – something that evokes primal sense of dread, and being pummeled by the realization of how meaningless and small man is in the hands of the cosmic chaos.

There are a few songs like “Necrosophic Channeling” and “Transcending Beyond Human” that seem to tell a story (though without the lyrics I cannot be sure). Is anything on Abysmal Thresholds, or even the album itself conceptual? If not, has the thought of putting something like that together crossed your minds before?

The album is not really a concept album and there is no running narrative or story between the songs. However, the reason why we named the album “Abysmal Thresholds”, is because that most of the songs deal with crossing different sorts of thresholds. Be it a threshold of Death, hope, transcension or a cosmic one of Lovecraftian horror. Each song tells a different story.

“Necrosophic Channeling” is about mentally crossing the threshold into the world of the dead by meditation to channel the knowledge they keep. “Transcend Beyond Human” deals with a morbid transcension, conquering Death.

Writing a full conceptual album is no easy task, and requires a lot of work, attention to details and all the pieces need to fall in place. We’ve had some talks about doing some conceptual EP perhaps at some point, nothing is set in stone yet, we shall see…

I want to ask about the song “Sovereign.” There’s this odd noise that sounds like a blip in some spots, such as around the five minute mark. What exactly is that? Is it the way a guitar happens to sound due to the audio quality, or perhaps some kind of keyboard or audio effect utilized that? Also, was it intentional?

We actually have no clue what you are talking about. Had to listen to the track again, and I hear nothing. If there is something there, it’s probably unintentional. Or the compression of the digital files you are probably listening to?

I see there will be a vinyl pressing of Abysmal Threshold available after the CD release. Why is that pushed back? Was there a manufacturing issue or something? Also, will the vinyl have anything special to it, such as a bonus track, a poster, or anythin like that?

A different label is printing the vinyl. The CDs were pressed by Dark Descent Records in the USA, and the vinyl is pressed by Me Saco Un Ojo (in co-operation with Dark Descent) in the UK. Nothing more to it than that.

There were two promotional video streams posted to Youtube that seemed to have been received well. Is there any talk about possibly shooting an actual music video for a song off this album, or is something that’s just not financially possible?

We’ve thrown some ideas around of doing a video. Nothing concrete to tell you currently. Can’t say anything certain at this point, there might be one or not.

Speaking of streams, I see Abysmal Threshold is streaming on-line right now. How is it working out for you? Has the interest grown with it being put out there to hear, or do you think it might actually be doing more harm than good?

Dark Descent Records uses the streams as a means of promotion. We don’t have much to do with that ourselves and don’t really have any statistics how’s it working or not. If you ask us personally, we don’t see any harm in it. Perhaps it’s a good way to get the album out there so it can reach those people who would be interested in it. We don’t think it takes much away from the sales of the physical album – those who are content with digital streams or files would probably not buy it anyways. It’s impossible to fight against mp3 rips and the album seemed to be already on youtube. So what can you do…. We ourselves still belong to those who think that to own an album, only the physical copy is real.

How about tour dates? I see you have some Finnish dates, but is there any chance that North America or other territories might get to see Corpsessed on stage sometime in 2014?

We don’t have any current plans to tour at the moment, but would not mind it. If some tour is going to happen it will probably be first in Europe just because it would be way much easier for us manage. We’d love to play on the American soil at some point as well. Let’s see how the new album is recieved. Tours do not just happen – it requires work. We are a small band with no booking agents, organizers or tour support from the label for that matter.

Given how long it took for Corpsessed to release Abysmal Threshold, will we be seeing another extensive waiting period before the next full-length album, is another EP first more likely, or is it still way to early to even begin thinking that far ahead?

Much of it depends on inspiration. Currently it is indeed way too early to even think about such things. But the general feeling we have at the moment is that creating a full length album is such a huge task, you won’t see another full-length in at least a year or two. We would probably like to do an EP before that. Perhaps something conceptual like said in an earlier question.

Now, as I mentioned, this and your last two releases came out through Dark Descent Records. Are you guys near the end of your contract, or has it always been a release to release situation for you guys?

The contract is release to release based, things are done with what seems best at given time. I don’t see any reason why we wouldn’t continue our co-operation with Dark Descent Records.

Is there anything else you would like to mention before I let you go?

I think that covers it for now. Check your ears about those blips!

Thank you for your time! I really appreciate it. Take care, and hope all goes well for you guys and Abysmal Thresholds!