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Dark Tranquillity (band)
Last week I had the opportunity to interview Dark Tranquillity vocalist Mikael “Mr. Efficiency” Stanne. It’s my first interview over Skype. With some technical issues having me scramble to keep up, and Mikael being one step ahead of me at all times, this was a rough interview to conduct. But, I still had fund talking to one of my Metal heroes. I just wish Century Media included a copy of Construct to give me more material to work with. Either way, we discuss their recent digital streaming singles, I try to drag information out of him regarding their upcoming tour, and more. Below is the audio of this conversation, and a Youtube version will be loaded shortly.

This interview has also been posted on the official Youtube page! I also figured out how to add audio and get rid of the video itself. So, if Soundcloud isn’t you’re thing, or you can’t stream it, check out the video below.

Dark Tranquillity
Dark Tranquillity
Interview conducted thanks to Century Media Records.