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Decrepid (band)
Decrepid recently reached out to me for a review of their latest effort, Devoted to Death. I decided to follow it up with some interview questions, which Danny Price happily responded to. Check out what he had to say below!

According to what I read on-line, Decrepid started out playing a few originals, but focused more on covers of bands like Death and Slayer. What prompted the band to go forward with focusing on original material more?

In the beginning it was just me and Tom (Atkins), I was still learning how to play guitar so we jammed on some slayer/death riffs also a bit of Black Sabbath and Danzig. We only learnt a whole song when we got Lewis and Mike on bass and drums. We did Death’s “Within The Mind” which we actually played at our first gig years later as a tribute to the early days. We always set out to write our own songs but mainly in the beginning we were just hanging out, watching cartoons and getting wasted.

It took Decrepid three years to put out a CD, and that became a live album. First of all, why so long?

When we started taking things more serious and writing our own songs we started having line up problems straight away. Mike and Lewis had already left and we had Rich Hardy on drums and another Mike on bass. Tom and Hardy were also in a rock’n’roll band which was doing well at the time so Tom’s attention to Decrepid and metal in general just wasn’t there so I kicked him out the band. I tried to carry it on for awhile but I had other shit going on and then Necrosadistic Goat Torture asked me to play guitar for them so I put Decrepid on hold and did that for a couple of years. It was around Halloween 2008 that I re-formed Decrepid.

Why did you guys decide to issue a live recording first and not a studio recording?

We never planned on releasing that EP it was only recorded as a promo demo to send to UK promoters to get more shows as we didn’t have anything recorded at that point and had no money to go into the studio. It was Deathtoll Records that approached us and wanted to release it. The recording itself only cost £10 which we took out of the £25 we got for playing the gig.

Did “Live at the Purple Turtle” sell well enough that it helped pay for studio time?

For a live EP from a small underground band it did ok but we didn’t make any money from it and I don’t think Deathtoll did either. I don’t remember how many were made but we haven’t got any left so that’s a good thing I guess.

The six songs on “Live at the Purple Turtle” did make their way onto “Devoted to Death”. Did the band consider just leaving the live release as is and writing all new material for the full-length instead of using those six and the three additional songs in the studio?

Well the EP was never planned so those songs were always intended for the album, we just hadn’t written the other 3 at the time the EP was recorded.

Considering the band has been around so long, are there any other songs that didn’t make the album that you guys have down already and these were just your strongest nine?

There is one song that never made the album “Hellspawn” but that was recorded back in 05/06 with me, Tom & Hardy. The drums were recorded in the practise room and the rest in Tom’s bed room with Tom doing vocals and no one playing bass. Maybe one day it will be released as a bonus track somewhere. Other than that this was the only songs we had at the time.

Obviously you had the six songs from the “Live at the Purple Turtle” down, but did the other three tracks on “Devoted to Death” not on that live album take longer to write or record for you guys?

I don’t think they took longer to write they were just the last 3 songs we wrote before going into the studio, I think Purgatory was the last song we wrote and you can see the progression from Sins of Sodom and Devoted to Death which was the first 2 we wrote since reforming.

What has it been like for the band since you formed? Has it been rough to get shows and play out or anything such as that?

Living in London we’re really lucky because theres a lot going on all the time and lots of metal pubs and music venues, but playing out of London can sometimes feel pointless when you travel for hours and no one shows up but it’s still fun, even when no one shows up your still with your mates in a metal pub, and that’s never a bad time.

Do you think with the release of “Devoted to Death”, things have been a little easier for the band? Anything in particular happen then probably would not have happened prior to your releasing it?

Since the album was released we’ve seen a lot more attention towards the band from people all over the world so I guess people are spreading our name around, but I don’t think it will ever be easy being in a band, we just put the album out in March and already we’ve changed drummers, but that’s just the way it is I guess.

Of all the song titles on the album, why did Decrepid go with using the “Devoted to Death” as the title of the album?

No reason really, seeing as all the lyrics on the album are about killing, anger and hatred it seemed appropriate.

Has Decrepid had any interest shown from record labels, or are you guys looking to remain underground for a while and release material on your own?

Both our releases were released by underground labels (Deathtoll Records & FTW Records), we’ve only ever paid for the recordings which we got good deals on through friends anyway. As for major labels showing interest we haven’t heard from anyone yet. Hopefully we will do soon….wink, wink, nudge, nudge

So, what are your current plans with Decrepid? Are you guys looking to push the album and maybe do a small tour, or is life going to be the same as far as how Decrepid pushes the name of the band and this release?

We’re pushing the album as much as we can, trading with other underground bands abroad and overseas distros etc.. Also playing live and just generally getting as many people as possible talking about Decrepid and the album. Mainly we just want to get our name out there and our music heard like so many over bands. As for our plans we’re currently writing new material and making some new overseas friends so hopefully we’ll get to invade some foreign lands and bang some heads but we’ll have to wait and see what happens.

Is there anything else you would like to mention I didn’t really touch on?

People should only listen to our music whilst drinking or drunk and we recently signed a colabaration deal with Herectic Death Call Production from Chilie and Ablaze Production from Mexico to release “DEVOTED TO DEATH” on CD with new artwork and 2 bonus demo recordings. One from our new release that we are currently working on and the other was recorded in 2006 era with myself, Tommy Atkins and Rich Hardy.

Well it was great talking to you about the band and “Devoted to Death!” Hope everything goes well for you and everyone involved. Take care of yourselves.

Cheers, Jason.

Decrepid: Devoted to Death
Interview conducted thanks to Decrepid.