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Degradead (band)
With A World Destroyer upon us, I was given the chance to speak with David Szücs in an e-mail for an interview. I shot over some questions about the album and various other topics/ Below is what he had to say on everything.

A World Destroyer is making it’s way to the States [at the time of composing this interview] soon, but it’s actually been released since the end of May this year. What has everything been like for you and the band since then? Has it been hectic, are you relaxing for the time being…?

The most hectic time was just before the release party in May, we where arranging everything our self so there was a lot of things to prepare. So after the release party has been as a relief. Now it’s just to enjoy the Swedish summer and do interviews.

I’ve read some mixed reviews of A World Destroyer from the critics on the net, but what has the in-person reaction been from the crowd and your fans?

It has been very positive all the way as I know, there are always some that say that “Til Death Do Us Part” and “Out of Body Experience” was better. But they will come to an understanding after they have listened some more. Sometimes new records take time to find it’s place.

Are you and the rest of Degradead excited to reach out to the States with A World Destroyer and see and/or hear their reactions to the new album?

Yeah we are very excited about this release because our last album “Out of Body Experience” was not released in the US. The reactions for this week have been amazing and I hope we will come to tour in the US someday really soon.

What were some of the inspirations towards the music of the album, whether real life inspirations or just musical ones?

The mood of the day is really important when it comes to songwriting. And it has a big impact on the result of the song. But I can’t remember now how I felt the day when I wrote the riff for “Human Nature”. You could say its 50% real life experience and 50% musical ones.

A lot of bands seem to be following the scream everything but sing the chorus kind of formula, and you guys definitely use that here quite often, though some have screaming in addition to the singing. Why did Degradead decide to go about writing and performing the songs like this?

If you use this two song techniques it’s easier to variegate the song structure. Mikael also wanted to develop as a singer, and I think he really did on this album! But we also like to have pure growl Death Metal songs like “The Final Judgment”, “VXR”, [and] “Relations to the Humanity” on our albums.

As a whole, do you think that A World Destroyer compares to your previous album in any way, or do you feel that A World Destroyer is a completely different beast all together?

It sounds a little bit wider then the earlier two albums, we have tried some new stuff on this album that we have not tried before. It’s always nice to explore new ways of doing things. But it’s still within the Degradead walls, and it always will be! Thrash, Melodies, Heavy Grove, Fast guitar riff, in one big mess.

What was the recording process like, and did the time in the studio happen to change the music you wrote prior to entering it in any way?

It all went really well and we often add some other ideas that we have for the moment in the studio, you could say that the song is not done until the record is mastered. But we save a lot of time in the studio to be well prepared, if you nail every tune on the guitar solo on the first take you save a lot of time. For you readers check out the video diary on are website!

The band actually formed back in 2000 under the name Septima, and in 2008 you put out your debut under Degradead and now have three albums under your belt. Are these songs newly written material, or do they come from the initial Septima demo material, or anything you may not have recorded while under that name?

Me, Kenneth, and Michel started jamming together 2000-2004 when I was 13 years old. You could say the band that we have today started 2004-2005 when Mikael and Anders joined the band and we recorded the first demos Rest in Pieces 2005 and Death Row 2006. We recorded Til Death Do Us Apart 2007 and it was released 2008. It contains 4 songs from Rest in Pieces and 3 songs from Death Row, and some other tracks we came up with before the recording. Some day we might release the demos as it was from the beginning they have quite charming sound, it would be fun! Out of Body Experience 2009 and A World Destroyer contains all new written material.

Do you guys feel you may be rushing these full-length releases by having them so close to one another so early, or do you think by doing this it’s helping Degradead and keeping your name out there more then if you had one or two albums right now?

Well we are quite effective song writers but it takes like a year to get the right songs and to rehearse and practice the songs. But we could release a full-length like this once a year it would be no problem with the inspiration we have right now. We already have a lot of ideas for the next Degradead album. But it’s important not to stress the process, do it right and well, otherwise it feels wasted.

Is Degradead planning to hit the road in support of the album anytime soon? If so, are there any plans to invade the United States, perhaps in the near future?

We have nothing planed in the US right now but I really hope we will come there as soon as possible it would be great to see and tour in the US. We have some european tour dates coming up soon on our website but I can’t make it official right now. Tomorrow we will play at Iron Maidens after party in Gothenburg, we have a festival gig booked in the end of the summer and a cruise gig in October but that’s all I can reveal right now.

Given the time frame of your full-lengths, you already said you have idea for the next album, but is Degradead already working on or planning things out for a new full-length? Or is the band’s state of mind to promote A World Destroyer as much as possible right now?

Yes everything at once but right now we will prioritize to promote A World Destroyer. But we have some ideas for the next album as well.

What are the band’s plans at this point to push the album? If you’re going on tour, is that about it, or are you looking to do more to get the word out about the album like a music video or perhaps some miscellaneous companion material like a Single, bonus tracks for a special edition, anything like that?

A European tour is being planned right now, We have a video coming up, and some other material being released, that is all I can reveal right now. Keep your eyes on our website and you will find out the latest news of the band.

Is there anything else you’d like to mention I didn’t touch on before I let you go?

I would like to tell all readers to check out A World Destroyer, if you haven’t heard it yet. And keep your eyes open for Degradead! Cheers!

Thank you very much for sitting down with me for these questions. I greatly appreciate that you took the time out to do so, I’m sure your busy at this point. I wish you all the best with the band and A World Destroyer. Take care and maybe I’ll catch you guys on the road!

That would be great man! The pleasure is all on my side, thanks for showing your interest! All the best!

Degradead: A World Destroyer
Interview conducted thanks to Metalville Records via Clawhammer PR.