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Dodsferd (band)
One man Black Metal projects are on the rise, and one of the more prominant acts is Dodsferd, who were picked up by Moribund Records. I was given the opportunity to interview founding member, Wrath, via e-mail. Below is what he had to say about the new album, and more.

Why did you decide to tackle Dodsferd as a one-man band with session members?

Because I wanted to spread my propaganda live on stage and create albums with no restrictions! Maelstrom is one of the greatest drummers here in Greece, as also Neptunus in bass and Nadir in lead guitars! They respect my music and my ideals! They believe in Dodsferd and want to take my band one step further! That’s why they will always be a part of Dodsferd! They are more than session members!

Do you think utilizing session members helps with the creative aspect of the album, or do you think it hinders it in some way?

It hasn’t to do with creativity! The part of creating music is exclusively mine! All music and lyrics will always be written by me. As I mentioned in the previous question, Maelstrom is a great drummer, as also Neptunus is a great bassist and Nadir is a great guitar player, especially with the lead parts! But most important they are truly dedicated to the Dodsferd ideals!

You’ve put out a good amount of recordings since the first full-length in 2006. Are you content with the amount of releases, or do you think that you could actually have done more?

I am never satisfied with anything at all! Time will show! I could have given rehearsals, or other recordings I had with bad quality in order to have more releases through all these years of Dodsferd existence! I will never do that! This is ridiculous! I respect my band a lot in order to do that!

Given how fast you manage to put out releases, it makes one wonder: What is the writing process like for Dodsferd? Is it an easy process, or do you sit down and spend agonizing hours coming up with the material?

By the end of the recordings of my new album, I am starting working for the next one! So after a couple of months I am ready to record my next album! I have two new Dodsferd albums in my head!

The production quality of this release feels much cleaner compared to your previous albums. Was this a concious decision for the music, or was it just something that happened thanks to the studio you used?

I wanted to have a cleaner production, in order my music and my riffs to be listened better! I didn’t want to burry them! The studio also helped in doing that!

Many underground Black Metal acts today have been using a lo-fi analog production. Do you think that you will be doing an album with that sort of production quality in the future after such a rather clean sounding release?

I really don’t know! It is going to depend by the demands of a future album! By the way, this has become a trend and I am trying not to follow any kind of trends!

Aside releasing Spitting with Hatred this year, Nadiwrath released an album through Moribun Records as well, which I know you are a part of. Did that album happen to complicate the material recorded?

Not at all! From Death Set the Beginning of My Journey album I started to demand a cleaner production and to complicate the material recorded! Nadiwrath and Dodsferd are two different bands!

You’ve put out at least one full-length every year, but have you ever considered doing some kind of DVD release? Since you’re a one man project, a live DVD seems limited, but perhaps a visual interpretation of your music?

When time is right a Dodsferd live DVD will be released!

While on the subject, do you plan to do any concerts in support of Spitting With Hatred alongside some session members? If not a tour, then perhaps a festival or two if you get the chance?

I am speaking with my label and some agencies in order to arrange a US tour and some live shows in Europe! Dodsferd is going to play wherever they call us! I want to participate in festivals, concerts and spread my propaganda live on stage!

If you could do some shows, would you ever consider coming to the States for a small tour?

This is exactly what I want, a tour in the US!

Were there any inspirations that may have impacted the lyrics or the music of the recording?

The weak humans and their submission to unknown powers! Their stupidity makes me sick!

How do you feel about the final product of Spitting With Hatred? Was it all you had worked towards, or, was there anything you wish you did differently before it was released?

As I mentioned before I am never satisfied with anything at all! So it’s difficult to answer you that question! I wouldn’t change anything but one thing is sure, that I will work harder in my next album!

In 2010, you hadn’t released a Dodsferd full-length, but instead did an EP and a split full-length album with Mortovatis, contributing 3 tracks. Did you wind up taking that time without issuing a complete full-length to write the material for Spitting With Hatred?

I wanted to do that! At that time my contribution was that and only that! If I wanted to release a full length album, it wouldn’t be difficult to do so!

Did you happen to do anything radically different when recording this album?

A sort of! It wasn’t a live recording as I used to do in the past with my previous releases!

How much time do you dedicate towards your compositions for Dodsferd, as well as any other acts you happen to be working with?

I spend a lot of time for Dodsferd and my other bands! I can’t remember myself doing anything else apart from composing music for my bands, or a new project!

Are you taking any time right now, outside of promoting the album, to just unwind and rest your mind, or are you already planning out the next Dodsferd release?

At this time I am recording with Nadiwrath new material for some future 7″eps and a split cd. Also, I am recording a new Dodsferd song for a future 7″ split ep. In my free time I am going to record the next album for Grab and Kampf! After that I wills start working on my new Dodsferd album!

One thing on the recording that felt a little pushed was the use of clean vocals that sounded like ritualistic chanting. On your previous recordings, you did utilize them, but on this album it felt like you really tried to make them a stronger part of your music. Do you think that you may have used them a little too much, or perhaps not enough?

Everything was recorded in the exact way I wanted! Nothing more, nothing less! This is what I wanted! I don’t give a fuck to those that didn’t like it!

Are there any songs on the release that you have a stronger personal bond towards, or that you put extra care if effort into to make sure it turned out just the way you wanted it to?

All the songs are the same for me! I worked hard for all of them, for the entire album!

Many metal acts of all styles have been issuing albums on vinyl lately. Will there be a vinyl pressing of Spitting With Hatred, or any releases that didn’t happen to get that treatment? Or perhaps a cassette version?

Of course I am interested in releasing all of my albums in vinyl format! I am speaking with some labels about it!

How do you feel about vinyl? Do you think it truly sounds better and enhances the overall atmosphere of the recording? Or do you think that it’s just a cheap tactic to sell more copies of their material in a limited way some of the time for newer albums with a higher production?

It really sounds better!

Thank you for your time and best of luck from myself and everyone here in the States!

Thanks for your interview!

With Respect

Wrath from Dodsferd!

Dodsferd: Spitting With Hatred
Interview conducted thanks to Moribund Records.