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Doomsday (band)
Not long ago, I sent over some questions to Doomsday about their latest release, and future endeavors. Guitarist Jeff Wilson got back to me with the answers a few days ago. Here’s what he had to say about their self-titled EP, and whether or not to expect to see the band out on tour again any time soon.

How’s everything on your end? Everything going well on your end?

Things are good over here, just got back from tour a few days ago, so trying to catch up on work and find time to sleep.

First of all, the press release states the group was an idea between Jeff, Jon, and Zack. But it states that Zion and Bob were recruited later on. Why those two in particular? Was it that they wanted to specifically work with them, was it just how everything fell into place?

Well, basically the 3 of us wanted to continue working together after Nachtmystium. Unfortunately, with everyone’s schedules, it took some time to actually get together. Sort of on a whim, Zack booked a flight up for a few days between Goatwhore tours and I started throwing some ideas together. About the same time, I ended up seeing Zion at a show and we talked about maybe doing a project together. Obviously, knowing he has a great voice, it sort of seemed like the right direction to go. I had also been working with Bob on the Chrome Waves stuff and he, Jon and I had done a couple tours together, so it just made sense to throw him into the mix as well.

Doomsday formed in 2011, and roughly a year or so later we have the Doomsday EP. Given the many other bands you guys are involved in, how long did it take for the group to write the songs and get them down well enough to hit the studio?

The songs actually came together fairly quickly, over the span of a couple weeks. I think we pieced everything together as a group in 2 or 3 days of rehearsal and recorded in the remaining time, altogether about 6 days total.

I know the EP took six days, but were there any problems that hit while in the studio, or perhaps scheduling with the other groups that extended the recording time?

Well, the majority of the tracking was done all at once. Jon and I added a couple solos later on. Directly after, we were all busy doing other things, so the record hit the backburner for a minute and wasn’t mixed until months later, just prior to releasing it. The wait kind of worked out well, because we were all sort of in between projects.

I’ve read that Doomsday has an apocalyptic theme and sound to it. Is there any justification to that outside of the band’s name, such as with the influences the material, or just a general idea or sound you guys have when it comes writing material for the group? Please explain.

We only had a couple names on the table, Bob, Jon, Zack and I were all part of the Doomsday Derelicts era, so it’s not really much of a coincidence. As far as the material is concerned, it was just something that I hadn’t really done before and seemed like the type of thing that collectively interested all of us.

After sitting through the EP a few times, it’s obvious that the band has a good deal of chemistry together, especially on “I Kill Everything I Fuck.” It seems like you guys are having fun, but taking the performance seriously. How did this song come about? Was it just an idea to blow off some steam and have a good time? Please explain.

We had just done it on a couple tours with Nacht and it was always really fun to do live. That’s about as much thought as was put into it.

It says you recorded the EP in December of 2011. It’s now November of 2012, and you just released the EP on the sixth. Were you guys just waiting for Josh to get Disorder Recordings up and running before releasing it? Please explain the nearly year-long gap.

The gap was just mainly to do with everyone being involved in other projects. Doomsday wasn’t started to be this serious full time touring operation, it was formed because we wanted to sit around and drink whiskey together and play music. Eventually we all kept asking each other whether we were going to finish it or not and then the mix and master started. A month later, it went to press.

I see the label will release other albums from bands you guys are involved in, such as Chrome Waves and Wolvhammer. Will this label be exclusive to the Doomsday circle, or will there be consideration for acts outside of it?

The whole label thing just sort of happened spontaneously, I wanted to give the newest Wolvhammer record the vinyl treatment and I’d lost interest in using labels for the most part after the Chrome Waves EP didn’t necessarily get the push that I wanted. The ones interested in doing that LP kept pushing the date back more and more. I’m an extremely impatient person, so I just decided that I should start putting these things out myself. The Doomsday record just happened to be wrapped up around the same time and as most labels aren’t interested in releasing anything but a full length, it was just decided to release that as well. There was never any intention of using a label name or any of that until the idea was just given to me to find a name to throw on everything. I came up with Disorder in a matter of hours and it went out in a press release through our PR people shortly after. At this point, it’s starting to make more sense. I write the majority of the material, I print all of the merch, I have the contacts, I answer the emails, there’s no reason I shouldn’t be releasing everything as well. As far as outside acts, if there’s something out there that catches my interest and I’m financially able to do it, I don’t see why not.

Considering this was recorded in December, has Doomsday composed any more songs that may make up enough for a full-length debut at some point? If so, what can fans expect if you’re able to give any details?

We do have a couple rough demos that we worked on some time later, but they aren’t even close to being a finished project, maybe finish them for a 7″ at some point, who knows… I sort of don’t give a shit about doing full lengths anymore, 90% of the time, half of a band’s LP turns out to be filler anyway. I’ve never written a handful of extra songs and chose the best ones. I write until it feels right, these songs go with those, these go on another record. When it feels done, it’s done.. I’m not going to cram an extra 20 minutes of material on it to satisfy the conventional 45 minute format. At the same time, no one wants to pay for the format anymore anyway, so what’s the point of sticking to it.

Is putting out new Doomsday material a priority for you guys, or will new music kind of be few and far apart considering the bands you guys are already active in?

We do have the songs there, they just need to be finished, but those on a 7″ or for a split is the only material I see being done in the near future. I have a handful of things on my plate before I need to start thinking about doing anything further with Doomsday, Jon is writing for a Bones record, Zion has an Anti-Human Thesis record written and I know Bob and Zack are busy as well. We’ll see what happens, but there’s no need to rush anything.

Shifting gears to touring, you guys just wrapped up a nine day Northeast trek on the fourth of this month [November]. How’d that go for all of you? Were there any complications along the way, or perhaps you brough home some interesting stories from the road?

It actually went really well considering that it’s a brand new band that no one has really heard of. I already had the dates booked for Wolvhammer and Krieg, Doomsday was added to the bill much later. There are enough similarities in all 3 that people got it and we were all happy with the response.

Do you see Doomsday going back on tour in the near or distant future, perhaps for longer dates if your schedules with the other bands your involved with permit it?

Well, I think most of us are going to be busy with recordings for at least the next 6 months or so and Zack is starting another leg of touring for Goatwhore. If we got a decent offer, I’m sure we’d all consider it though.

Is there anything else you would like to mention before I let you go?

Thanks for the interview, hope everyone checks out the record and turns it up loud.

Doomsday: Doomsday
Interview conducted thanks to Disorder Recordins via Earsplit PR.