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I recently conducted a quick interview with Lenny B., vocalist and guitarist of German Thrash Metal act Dust Bolt a few days ago. Check out what he had to say, and while you’re at it give the song “Deviance” a spin thanks to the ReverbNation player below! You can also head over to Napalm Records and order their debut full-length, Violent Demolition. Also be sure to read my review of the album here at Apoch’s!

Thank you for taking the time to sit down and answer some questions. How’s everything going on your end? I hope all is well.

Yeah everythings going great!! Lots of things to do for the release of our record, but it´s fun!! I´m really looking forward to the release in a few weeks!

Violent Demolition just comes off as a heavily oppressive, despair ridden Thrash Metal assault. Was that initially a goal of the band’s when you were all writing the material?

Yeah that´s it! When we wrote the whole material one of the most important thing for us was to create songs, that work live as good as possible and songs, that produce a connection to the listener immediately. For us it´s very important to deliver emotion, some kind of desperation and lots of aggression. That´s what arises when we play live! And I think you can feel that on Violent Demolition very good!

Given the flow of many songs in the track list, is it safe to assume this is a conceptual album of some kind, or perhaps just a general theme in mind?

It isn´t a conceptual album I think. At least it wasn´t planed to do that.. But of course there´s a thematical thread going through all the songs. The lyrics on the album are all serious and profound – but we always combine that with typical Thrash Metal themes and hooks – which is very important for playing the songs live and makes fun of course, as far as we are metalfans by ourselfs of course *winks*.

I noticed the blending of Crossover and the typical eighties aggressive Thrash Metal sound that has become the focus of many bands who are reviving this sound. Why did the group decide to take this route as far as the foundations for your material go?

Well, it actually just happened..In our history, there wasn´t a point where we decided “ok let´s play Thrash Metal that sounds like this or that” or something.. It just happened and everything developed to a point where we thought ” hey that´s cool, let´s keep on going that way” . And as far as we are very young each one of us also developed as a music-fan and we started listening to more and more bands and metal and thrash metal is just what is our favourite thing *winks* so it fits very well for us *smiles*.

Were there any problems in the studio, or any changes to the material that might have come about from your time recording that weren’t initially intended when you walked through the door on day one?

Actually no. Of course we had some small changes , but that´s just normal. On the contrary we just hade some more ideas which we tried to add and it worked perfectly!

Were there any specific artists that influenced your sound for this re? If so, who?

Yeah of course, but there are many many bands that influenced us. Of course the whole bay area scene and in general mostly the old school Thrash Metal from the eighties. But there are also lots of great new thrash bands coming these days!! Especially from the states!

The German Thrash, mostly Kreator, is a very big influence for me personally, too. I love this band! And Sepultura is also a big influcence, especially as we played many times with them now and are good friends. The collaboration with Derrick Green was another great step in our history of course!

Most of the tracks seem to stick with the Thrash and Crossover styles, but “Into Madness” seemed to throw a curve ball with some commanding groove driven riffs that felt more Death Metal inspired. Was this song intended to sound that different, or perhaps was something inspired by a band you were listening to and nobody picked up on it?

Into madness is one of the older songs on the record and we we´re just trying to put in a crazy speed and groove change and we came up with that very simple but heavy riff and it worked great. Especially live it´s cool for all the headbangers *winks*.

Would you mind running down the equipment that you used to record Violent Demolition? Also, is this gear any different than what you use on tour or in practice?

We partly use other Equipment live, yes! Especially because some of us don´t have enough money to buy such high end equipment like we had it in the studio haha *smiles*. But for the record we used a Mesa Rectifier for the guitars and a Gibson Explorer and a Esp guitar. I actually don´t remember the bass and the drum stuff we used *winks* but we recorded in a small studio near to the place we live with two great engineers we know since some years now. Working with them was just great and we totally accomplished what we wanted to reach. I like raw and natural productions without triggers and stuff and I´m very happy with the result.

I see Dust Bolt has a record release party scheduled for the 27th of this month (July). Are there any other shows the band is planning to play, perhaps some tour dates at some point or simple one-off shows around town?

We´ve played a lot already this year and just finished our tour with Obituary here in Germany which had been killer! We also have our release show a few days later together with Sepultura in Munich! And there will be lots of more shows this year!! We have big plans and already a new tour at the end of the year, but I still have to keep that for my own because it isn´t officially announced yet. *smiles*

Do you think that Dust Bolt will ever hit the United States for a round of tour dates? Or, is this something that you think wouldn’t happen?

Yes of course!! That´s one thing we have written on our card we have to do!!! And I promise it´ll happen! *smiles* Can´t wait to come to the states, as fare as I have never been there yet!! To explore the country while being on tour, man there would be nothing better! *smiles*

As I already mentioned we have lots of plans for Dust Bolt! But the first and the most important thing to do now, is to play live as often as possible and not only in Germany but hopefully all around the world! That´s just the main business for a Thrash Metal band. You have to experience the music live!
Apart from that we´re always updating the band with music videos, tour videos and new merch and everything, so keep in touch!

Hey, thank you very much again for the time. I’m sure you guys are busy and I appreciate it, as do the readers. I wish you all the best of luck with Violent Demolition. Take care!

It was a pleasure to talk with you! Looking forward to thrash the States very soon!

Dust Bolt: Violent Demolition
Dust Bolt
Interview conducted thanks to Napalm Records.