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Dodsferd (band)
History Repeats… is a highly anticipated release from the legendary Dying Fetus, and I got my hands a review copy, as well as an opportunity to talk to one of the guys. I shot some questions over to the band through an e-mail, and John Gallagher got the answers back rather fast. Check out what he had to say.

How did the idea of a cover EP come about, and was it anyone person’s specific idea to do it?

It was my idea to do an EP that would give our fans something special in between album releases. Some brutality to hold them over until our 2012 release. Judging from the comments I’ve read online it seems to have worked and everyone is very excited about it.

Were the songs chosen more of a group decision, or did each member get to choose a certain song or songs for the EP whether the others wanted to do it or not?

I came up with the tracks to cover and learned them all by ear because either I couldn’t [get?] guitar tabs online or they were extremely inaccurate. We also put our flavor into the songs and added some twists on the riffs and solos to spice things up a little.

Did this lead to any arguments within the band as to what band or song to perform?

Yeah we all got in a very violent fight. It was fucking brutal.

There’s six covers on the History Repeats… EP. Are they all bands that inspire the music of Dying Fetus, or are any of them just songs someone really liked and wanted to cover for fun?

I wouldn’t say they inspire us, they are just songs that we enjoy and have listened to over the years. When I pick out covers I look for good songs that are lacking production and can be improved in some way. All these songs had poor production and bad timing. So we gave them a facelift so to speak. I wouldn’t touch songs by Slayer for example because I don’t think they can be enhanced or improved. Bands please stop butchering Slayer songs!!!

There’s an original track titled “Rohypnal” on the EP. Why did the band decide to write a forty four second track about the date rape drug?

This creepy guy was at the studio one day and starting saying “John you should write a song about Rohypnal” and started singing about raping girls. I took the idea but made it a anti date rape song. Some of my friends and family members have been drugged and date raped and I feel really sorry for them and I really despise mutherfuckers who commit this crime.

Is it meant to be a bit over-the-top lyrically in the same way as “Kill Your Mother, Rape Your Dog” was?

Yeah sorta, its the short and sweet to the point kind of song. I like this style of song because it hits you in the face and has a devastating affect to the listener. Leaves them wanting more which is a good thing. I just wrote another quick song a bit longer than this one for the upcoming album. Its totally sick and sure to get the pit in a frenzy! Two minutes of mayhem!

Has the band entertained the thoughts of shooting a random video for this track, or perhaps any of the cover songs to this EP, or is the release being limited (from what I read about the EP) making it pointless to do a video for it?

Don’t expect a video for any of the covers unless some fan decides to make a homemade Sponge Bob or a Muppet video on youtube or something like that. I actually hope someone does because they are always fun to watch, the “Ethos of Coercion” one is great!

I’ve seen Dying Fetus live a few times now and don’t recall any covers being done live. Do you plan to do any of these in your sets, or have you been doing these on stage for a while and I’m just oblivious to them?

No I don’t think we will incorporate any of these songs into our live set. From time to time we do our Next Step Up cover of “Bringing Back The Glory” live, mostly when we tour with hardcore bands like Hatebreed or do hardcore fests.

Aside these live tracks, has the band been working on any new original material for a new full-length release, or is this going to be the only new effort from Dying Fetus for a while and why?

I am actually doing this interview in Cell Block studios while working on my sixth song. The engineer is editing my guitar parts right now.. Yeah I have 5 songs all recorded and tracked out on Protools. We are scheduled to go into Wright Way studios on November first to begin tracking our next album to be released by Relapse Records. So expect the album to be hitting the stores around April 2012. The material is sounding amazing and I can guarantee our fans are going to love it.

I always said if I had a chance to interview you guys, I’d ask about this. Last time I saw you was at the Penn Monster Factory in Pennsylvania with Origin. It’s one of my favorite shows because the venue was literally behind a magic shop, run by high school kids, in the middle of nowhere, and looked like a school cafeteria. Barely anyone showed, but you and Origin put on a hell of a show. Do you happen to remember this venue, and if so, what went through your minds when you finally found the place?

Yeah I think I recall this gig but it is definitely a bit fuzzy. Sometimes we play some small places depending on the city and day of the week. To us it doesn’t matter as long as the people who come are into the music and the show.

Will Dying Fetus be doing any tours in the near or distant future, and if so is there anything you’d like to mention that might not already be made available on your facebook or myspace pages?

We are about to head out on the Summer Slaughter tour this July and August which will hit most of the major markets in the states and Canada so that will be sick. We also have some headlining U.S. gigs leading up and after Summer Slaughter. We are doing a few U.S.shows in October and playing at the Way of Darkness festival in Germany also in October, In December we do some Central American dates so that will be a new area we haven’t played before. We are limiting our touring this year because we are primarily focusing on our next album.

Is there anything else you’d like to mention before I let you go?

Come out and see us if we are playing your city and say hello.Thanks for the support and stay sick!

Dying Fetus: History Repeats...
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Interview conducted thanks to Relapse Records.