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Entrails (band)
Shortly after reviewing Raging Death, I shot some questions over to Entrails via e-mail. The answers came back from guitarist Jimmy Lundqvist about a month later. I decided to hold off posting it due to how the tone changes about half way through. As a fan of Entrails, I was really taken back. When I ask a question, it is literal intrigue, and never meant as an insult or an attack. If anyone was offended in the group, and clearly this happened, I’m sorry. Obviously this wasn’t my intent.

But, you be the judge. Did I really drop the ball asking the questions the way I did (only thing I can think of), or am I simply overanalyzing things?

Oh, and quick side note, I’m no master engineer, but I have a general understanding of production, levels, etc., due to my college education prior to my health issues. Just throwing that out there as well…

How’s everything going on your end? Have you guys been busy lately with Raging Death due out soon?

Everything is fine here.. The album is released and it all feels awesome. The reviews are mostly excellent. We are busier in answering interviews and stuff than rehearsing songs. hehe

Entrails was originally on F.D.A. Rekotz. Was the deal just for two albums, or is there another reason you guys are signed to Metal Blade right now?

We had a deal with fda to make 1 album, and then we signed for one more as he had the best deal for us, and then we got a proposal from Metal blade (among many more) and who can say no to that? Wasn’t so difficult to decide where the signature was going.

Mind giving us some details about the new contract, such as wherther or not its a multi-album deal?

All I can say is that we begin with one album and then we’ll see what happens.

Moving on to Raging Death itself, first of all, why that title? It isn’t the name of a song, so does it have a specific meaning behind it?

No, we just wanted a good title to sum up the whole album as it is, and also a good title that should fit the cover. We didn’t have any specific thoughts behind it at all.. Simple and easy things are often the best ones.

I have to address the audio. Everything sounds great on this album, but the pitch seems a bit too high. Have you noticed this? Also, mind explaining the choice to go with this sound on Raging Death?

Aah. So you’re sound engineer also.. Cool..

We are 110% satisfied with the sound and everything sounds exactly as we want it. And THAT’S whats matters. We would never release something that’s sounds strange in any way. And if something might be wrong in the sound as you describe it, either Dan Swano or we would have noticed it after so many listenings during the mix. The sound is obvious to us as we are swedes and have had similar sounds on all of our albums.

Given the start of “In Pieces,” it’s clear you did try to incorporate a dark, creepy environment for the songs. Do you feel the way the album sounds works in favor of some of the atmospheres you worked into the music?

Yeah, of course.. It should be dark and horrified, that’s the whole idea.. To make it like a horror movie or that you´re stuck in a nightmare. And to me I can have the same feeling during the whole album. The atmosphere is there and it all feels right in your face!

Overall, “Cadaverous Stench” seemed to have the thinnest sound from the guitars compared to many other songs. I also noticed a few tracks had a deeper bass presence. Was this all from the hands of the producer, or were you guys messing with any levels while recording certain songs?

You better wash your ears. haha.. Nothing is wrong with our songs in any way. They’re analyzed by Dan and have over hundreds of listenings before pressing, and as I am the producer and also have handled all the recordings during the whole album beside the drums. And believe me; I know what I am doing.

There seemed to be a good deal of variety throughout the album. Moreso than usual I’d say. Was this a goal from the beginning when writing Raging Death?

Yeah, it’s a varied album and also the previous ones were varied in my ears though many said they were not. So for this one I tried to explore more but without being outside the frames in the making of the songs.

I see you guys have two festival dates coming up. Extremefest later this month, then Killtown Deathfest at the end of August. Are you planning to perform at any other fests, or are these it and you haven’t confirmed or had any other offers right now?

Two festivals are confirmed. And in this writing moment one of them has happened yet. And so far we haven’t been planning for more, but if something shows up we will surely discuss it… so we are having a long vacation over the summer this year, and more time to make new songs.

What is it usually like for Entrails at these festivals? Mind going over the experience so we can all live civariously through you? ;)

Well… I would say we often have the best and wildest audience headbanging at our shows. And they always scream for more even if our playing time is out… and that doesn’t happen to many of the other bands, and also not from the bigger bands. And on big festivals they are strict with the playing time so we can’t do extra songs. It seems that the crowd likes what we deliver and by that only a terrible sound engineer can spoil the fun!!!

What can fans at these shows expect to hear from you as far as the set list goes? Any new tracks from Raging Death they should brush up on prior to getting there?

We mix a lot and take our own highlights from each album and by that we have a varied show. And so far this idea has been working out perfect, though it’s not easy to make a set list now with 3 albums made and only 45 min on stage. That’s the most normal playing time so far. Many great tunes had to step aside for others.. but we always bring the best anyway.

How about a regular tour in support of Raging Death? Will you be hitting the road anytime soon, perhaps looking to tear through North America this year?

That would be nice to do. But we can’t afford to have any booker or anything that can make this possible, we just have to wait for proposals and if someone invites us over. And by that we would aim for worldwide events

Thank you for your time, I really appreciate it. Hope you guys have some great festival dates, and maybe I’ll catch you guys here in the States if you happen through. Take care!

Sorry for the late Answers! Sickness and busy with all kind of things are the reasons… Cheers

Entrails: Raging Death
Interview conducted thanks to Metal Blade Records.