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Exodus is one of the biggest names in Thrash. Period. So when I had the opportunity to send twenty-five minutes chatting with one of their long running members, I leapt at the opportunity! Well, truthfully, I’ve actually been trying to coordinate an interview with Steve “Zetro” Souza since the last Hatriot, and thanks to Nuclear Blast Records I was given another chance to make it happen. Check out what Steve had to say about the band post-Dukes, how he wound up back in the group, his other projects, and even update us on the recent trampling of a man’s first amendment rites.

In the interview I refer to a Mark Frein. The right name is Eric Frein. How the hell I screwed that one up is beyond me, but I am sorry for doing so.

Exodus: Conjuring the Dead
Interview conducted thanks to Nuclear Blast Records.