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Exorcism (band)
Exorcism has formed, a super group of Metal veterans that have been making plenty of waves over the years that came together to form a brand new Doom Metal outfit. I was given the opportunity to speak with vocalist Csaba Zvekan about the band before the world gets the chance to hear what they bring to the table. Check out what he has to say about the band and their upcoming album in this early interview.

Exorcism is composed of members from Ravel Lord, HolyHell, Dominici, and Achillea. How did everyone come together and decide to become one entity under the name Exorcism?

When we were touring this year with RAVEN LORD I asked JOE STUMP if he would be interested in doing this other project of mine called “EXORCISM”. We talked and I explained to him what I had going on so far and the type of music that I had demoed. Me and JOE STUMP get along really good and I knew that touring with EXORCISM will be part of the deal down the line. So he agreed and we took it from there. Very similar was with LUCIO MANCA. You see you tend to work with the type of musicians and people that are on the same page with you. Now we were looking for a drummer and with a Worldwide search we found GARRY KING. We all feel very strong about this new band and started immediately working on our debut album that should be released early next year.

Has working as sort of a “super group” been a different experience than working with others not currently involved or bands or already established musicians?

There is so many criteria to follow and consider when you put together a team. In the case of EXORCISM I wanted friendly, professional and talented musicians with a great attitude. From our point of view we have all done some credible work one way or another. Still it is important to stay focused and grounded and concentrate on what’s most important. And that is the music. So if it is done with a so called “super group” that is scattered all over the World then that’s the way it has to be. Of course it would be nice to have the whole band close by for band practice, group flights outbound etc. The good thing and I can tell you a little secret is that LUCIO MANCA is actually considering to move to the island of Mallorca in Spain where I live. That would be half the band then *laughs*. GARRY KING lives in the south of France which also can be considered very close to base.

It is great to work with musicians that already have something accomplished and have their own fanbase. This way we merge the groups and cultures together in one new thing.

A press release states you guys are “today’s answer for heavy metal.” A bold statement. Care to back that up and explain or give some insight about what makes you the answer?

The way I understand this promo line is that the true heavy metal fans are asking and requesting for the sound that they liked so much from the past to return back. What they want is a more modern version of the roots of “Heavy Metal” so it won’t be forgotten. There is not that many bands that have the same concept. EXORCISM and maybe a handful of other bands have set focus on this type genre.

You signed with Golden Core records. How did this deal come about, and why did you choose them?

The whole shopping and business aspect is pretty much left to our manager AXEL WIESENAUER from ROCK’N GROWL management. He is the one who has all these great contacts and shopped us the deal with GOLDEN CORE RECORDS. The interest from the record company came this year when the A&R heard a bunch of our demo songs and liked it. We just recently finalised the deal and started working on the new record.

The company is a sub label of a much bigger German label called ZYX Music and they have been around for decades.

What bands have inspired the Doom Metal style Exorcism plays?

My vocal style is strongly influenced by RONNIE JAMES DIO, ROB HALFORD and IAN GILLAN. So when I wrote the EXORCISM songs I like to lay them similar to bands like BLACK SABBATH, JUDAS PRIEST and DEEP PURPLE. I prefer to use the “tritone” or “devil’s interval” a lot which is the middle of an octave and creates this suspense and horror movie feel. Many bands use it these days from thrash to power metal.

And with a slower tempo and a very hypnotic guitar riff we call it “doom metal”. I’ve been told that EXORCISM has also some modern influences as well. On parts a bit industrial like RAMMSTEIN. You be the judge of that.

I know Exorcism will have tour dates some time next year, but have you guys done any live shows already? If so, what was it like taking the stage of Exorcism?

Everything happened so fast lately and all though we were preparing this for a while now things have matured more and more as we go. Like the line up, logo and even band header typo it’s all pretty new *laughs*. There were no shows as of yet with EXORCISM as we completed the line up this August 2013 and just signed with GOLDEN CORE RECORDS this month.

How long did it take for Exorcism to write the material for the upcoming album?

About 7 or 8 demo songs were written back in 2006/2007 and were laid dormant until now. I wrote another 7 songs matching to the existing material in about a week. While GARRY KING was recording the songs I wanted to keep the flow of work for him and we added song after song day after day. Now from these 15 songs we could use ten or eleven for the CD. Then we’d have still a few bonus tracks for other countries, one or two single releases to a later point. But the most important we would have plenty of material for a full live set. May it be for festivals or touring in 2014.

I can’t find a single shred of audio or video anywhere of Exorcism to get a taste of what’s to come. Why has Exorcism kept metalheads in the dark for so long, and do you think it’s been helpful? Or does audio exist somewhere, and if so, where can we find it?

The demo songs have been online for the last 7 years and just recently got removed due to the fact that the CD is coming out very soon. The “metal knights” have to be patient just a few more months until the release. I’m sure there will be a teaser music video before that. I recommend signing up on our Facebook page to guarantee the latest updates, snippets, interviews and behinds the scenes or the making of EXORCISM. You definitely get to hear bits and snippets of our music in that footage.

Ok, let me just jump right to what everyone wants to know: What can listeners expect with your upcoming 2014 album? Sell it to us.

Over the years that I’ve been making music and experimenting with the new and the old. I’ve always listened to what the audience likes and wants to hear. They keep telling me “I like to hear to this?”, “why don’t you try that?”. Meaning they are hungry to hear a certain style and art of music. Every single request from the fans has been carefully selected to bring you what you need. And now finally the time has come and the beast has a name.
It’s called “EXORCISM” !

Thank you for the time, and hope to talk to you again after I do get the privilege of hearing the album. Take care!

I really appreciate the interest and the questions for this pre-interview. I understand it’s not easy to talk about something that whether you or the reader has heard a single note yet. And for that I’m very grateful and thank you all very much as it clearly shows the trust in EXORCISM.

Interview conducted thanks to Rock ‘n’ Growl Promotions.