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Goregast (band)
After banging my head to the new Goregast EP Covered in Skin, I couldn’t help but shoot some questions over to the guys of the band to see what’s going on since their debut. Thanks to the brutal folks at Clawhammer PR, my questions got over to vocalist Rico Unglaube, who got the answers back pretty damn quick. Check out what he had to say about the new recording, post-release plans, and more. You’ll even learn a little fascinating fact about his association with F.D.A. Rekotz. And be sure to check out the stream of “Mindcreeper” before it disappears!

First of all, I see Goregast picked up a new drummer last year. How has Max Pela been working out for you guys?

We didn’t know him before we came together. He’s 10 years younger than the rest of the band, but he joined the group with enthusiasm and fire in the ass. He’s a nice guy and he really knows how to torture the drumkit. His style of playing drums brings some new influences into the band. Overall we’re very satisfied with him.

Is the Covered in Skin EP more a way to introduce Max to the fans, or is it more a prelude to an upcoming full-length?

Oh no, Covered In Skin has nothing to do with Max, it’s just something to show we’re still alive after two years of silence and also to show the world that our musical direction is gravitating more into classic death metal and less grindcore. Let’s say an appetizer for the fourth full-length album which will be released in spring 2014.

You guys also shot a video for “Covered in Skin”. How did this come about, and what was the experience like? Were there any problems?

It was an easy process. I recorded the musicians with my Sony HD cam in our practice room. It only took about a half hour. The rest of the work – the cutting, adding movie footage, and live Goregast footage – was done by Zoe Dahmen. She’s a splatter fan and professional digital artist and is helping me out for all video relevant things.

It’s been about two years since you guys released Desechos Humanos. Was most of the time spent focusing on touring, or has it been spent more on, say, writing material or just generally relaxing? Basically what has the band been up since then?

The most of the last two years we had problems with the drummers. Soon after we released Desechos Humanos, Josh left the band. For the first time in the band’s history we were left without a drummer and it was not easy to find a new one, after two or three months of looking for fresh drumkit flesh, we found Torge. He learned the setlist, which took weeks. We played shows small tours and then found it was better for Torge to go. *winks* It was the same situation when Josh left the band. Late summertime last year we finally found Max and yeah, during all the time we also wrote new songs, but we’re lazy fuckers..haha.

Both Desechos Humanos and Covered in Skin were issued by F.D.A. Rekotz. Is this going to be your home for much longer, or will the next release fulfill your contractual obligations?

Oh, I’m the singer in Goregast and also the owner of FDA Rekotz, it was just the easiest way to spread our musical plague. The next full length will be released by FDA Rekotz to, but it could be possible that any other release will be out by another label.

I don’t see any current tour or concert dates scheduled for you guys other than your Covered in Skin release party Sptember 22nd. Are you done playing out for now, or is Goregast still looking to set up live performances by the years end?

Yes, it has a reason. We’ll play three shows this year, but no more than that. We have to concentrate on writing songs for the album and it is impossible when you’re playing every week anywhere. As soon as the new full-length is written and released, we’ll start touring Europe and anywhere else we can go. You have been warned my friend!

As I looked at your Facebook I saw that Desechos Humanos is almost sold out entirely. How does this make you guys feel? Does it feel like the closing of a chapter, or is it possible something more along a negative line?

During the two years since the the unleashing of Desechos Humanos the selling was constantly, of course it makes us happy to see that the people outside likes what we do. For us the Desechos Humanos chapter is closed, yes. You can’t prepare a new, better party when you’re still celebrating the old one, as you know what I mean. But it would be cool if we see Desechos Humanos on vinyl someday, we all prefer vinyl and that’s a big wish, you know.

Goregast: Covered in Skin
Interview conducted thanks to F.D.A. Rekotz via Clawhammer PR.