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Hate (band)
I may not have had the time to dedicate to writing a review of the new Hate album, Solarflesh, but I’ve given it a couple good spins at this point. It’s a good thing too, as I was given the chance to conduct an e-mail interview with Destroyer, the group’s guitarist. Check out what he had to say about the album, the upcoming tour with Hypocrisy, and more!

How is everything going on your end? I hope all is well.

Hi, everything is fine so far, thank you. We are getting ready for our European tour w/ Hypocrisy that starts in just a few days. It takes some time, all logistics, rehearsals etc. But it looks really well at the moment. And we’re looking forward to being on tour again.

Solarflesh has been out for a little while now. How have the fans received this album?

We have got very many good reviews, so it looks real optimistic. And our fans’ feedback is amazing. People love the album and that’s the best prize for us for all the effort we have put in it.

Solarflesh definitely sounds a little different compared to Erebos. More aggressive and even atmospheric. What was the thought process like for the band when you were writing the material? Did Hate want to try and do something a little different this time around? Or, would you say there’s nothing all that different about it?

‘Solarflesh’ is the longest and most diverse album we have ever done. It sounds more organic and raw than any of our previous records. It has dark atmosphere with lots of samples and additional vocals in the background. For the first time in our history, we’ve had guests on a record. One of them is a Greek vocalist Androniki Skoula (Chaostar) who did excellent job in two songs adding some “hellenic” atmosphere to them. We also invited guitarist Mateusz Szemraj who played an Arabic lute in the title track and did one guitar solo. At the end of the record you will hear a few experimental dark-ambient- industrial tracks that sound like hypnotic mantras. I believe this album contains some of the best songs we have ever written.

Solarflesh is being released through Napalm Records. How did it come to be that Hate signed with them instead of putting out another recording through Listenable Records?

Our cooperation with Listenable was really satisfactory but when the contract expired we started looking for a bigger label with better distribution worldwide, especially in the USA and Canada. We’ve had the best offer from Napalm so we’ve decided to sign with them. Their support is really good so far, I think it was the right decision for us.

Usually Napalm likes to put out a music video with the album. Has there been talk about doing one for any song off the album, or does one exist and I just can’t seem to find it?

We’ve just finished the video for the song ‘Alchemy of blood’. It’s black n’white video, very simple and powerful. It also contains some very good animated pictures. I’m proud of this one. It matches the atmosphere of the album quite much. It was launched by Napalm already so you can find it on youtube and our official websites.

I did notice a short documentary on the making of Solarflesh available. Has dabbling in that sort of project perhaps impacted the group’s further intentions, perhaps doing a documentary on the band’s career since 1990? Why or why not?

We don’t have any special plans of making a documentary about all Hate’s history. I don’t think that we really need this. We just wanted to make a studio report, but in different way. I think that typical studio reports – never ending conversations about gear, microphones, all this shit – is just boring. Who cares about vocal preamp used or guitar cables (I’m talking about metal fans, NOT other musicians)? We wanted to do something different, more like statement, some kind of a manifest of who/what we are and what we think about music etc.

I see Hate is hitting the road starting March 29th in Oslo, Norway for Inferno Fest. Have you all been busy getting ready for the long stretch of shows ahead?

First of all, it’s not a long tour, just 17 gigs, so I feel quite relaxed – it all should go smoothly.

As I said in the beginning of the interview, we are quite busy with all logistics, but we are getting ‘there’. We have some rehearsals ahead and that’s it. We’ll be ready to slay.

Have you ever started a tour with a festival before? Is it any different from just heading out and kicking things off with a traditional performance in a venue?

To be honest, I don’t remember. I think so but can’t say when exactly it happened. For me it doesn’t matter if we start a tour with the festival or a small show. I always want to give my best, so do the other guys in the band.

I see you have four other festival dates between May and August. Are there any in particular you are more excited to head out to, or even any you’re not? Please explain if possible.

Festivals are always good opportunity to promote the band. There is always so many people that can see the band, very often for the first time. I like the fact that there is nice, wide, stage very often and we like to have more space for our shows. We’re definitely better on bigger stages. We are going to play Summer Breeze festival again and I’m looking forward to this one in particular. We’ve been there before and it was amazing. I remember getting drunk in Jagermeister bar, flying at 200 meters up over the festival- that was cool!

Are there any traditions that Hate goes through prior to the start of a tour that you wouldn’t mind revealing?

Not really, maybe if you consider the opening party as a ritual he he (this is what we often do on the way to join the tour). Certainly we have rituals that we always do before going on stage, but I’m going to keep it for ourselves.

What can the fans expect to hear at any of those dates, and do you intend to play more off Solarflesh, or will you be catering more to the fan favorites?

We are going to play at least 4 songs from ‘Solarflesh’ and 3-4 older goodies. So it’s going to be well-balanced setlist I guess.

Obviously not during the summer, or perhaps even close to it due to the festival dates, but is Hate planning to come back to North America anytime soon?

I really do hope that we’ll visit USA this year. Touring States is always amazing and we have fast growing fanbase there. I can’t wait for meeting them all again. If there is only any opportunity, we would definitely consider touring America again.

I really appreciate you taking the time to answer them and get back to me. I hope all goes well with the tours, and wish you the best with Solarflesh. Take care!

Thank you for the interview! Hails to all our fans in supporters, be patient, we’ll find you coming back to USA! Horns up!

Hate: Solarflesh
Interview conducted thanks to Napalm Records.