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Back in September, I shot over some questions to the guys of Hooded Menace for an interview. They wrote back, and I postes them right away. Unfortunately, there was a database error, and for some reason a few files were not restored from the back-up. It seems this was one one them. Lasse got in touch with me the other day, asking what happened to it. He understood what happened, and was gracious enough to update the answers to better reflect where the band is now. So, here it is, the updated Hooded Menace interview.

How are you doing today? I hope everything is well in your neck of the world?

Hi there! I´m fine, thanks!

Effigies of Evil recently dropped through Relapse Records. Has the fan feedback been positive towards it, or perhaps not quite what you expected?

The new album has been received very well. I can´t really complain. Of course some people were whining about the cover art we used this time around. It´s a killer work of art by an extremely talented artist David V. D´Andrea and we could´t be happier with it. There´s still the same elements as always in our covers. It´s just a bit different approach and style. We love it, the label love it and mostly people seem to dig it but of course you can´t please everyone and that´s how it should be.

You guys have also made the album available to stream for free on your Bandcamp page. Do you think that doing this has helped get the word out about the album?

Actually our label did that but yeah, I think it helps to spread the word.

Effigies of Evil seems to have a mixture of an overall rawer production, but a crisper sound from each instrument. Was this a conscious decision, or just the way the album came out?

We wanted a really heavy sound with enough rawness and clarity to it. There´s this unheard depth and oppressiveness in the sound now. We´re very happy how it turned out.

At some points, such as during “Vortex Macabre,” it seems like you guys lose the bass at times. Does issues like this hurt your opinion on the final product, or is this something the band didn’t pick up on or was done intentionally?

We haven´t noticed that.

The album also uses a good deal of audio samples from various horror movies it seems. Mind giving a quick once over of which films have clips that appear on the album?

The Fall of the House of Usher, Twins of Evil, Baron Blood and The Blind Dead movies.

How about with the influence on the music? It’s clear that Horror is a huge focus in the music and lyrics, were there any movies that also influenced the lyrics, or perhaps an entire song(s) is based on? If so, why and which one(s)?

As always there are a few songs on the album that are based on some particular horror films. Good movies are always a good source of inspiration. That kind of stuff goes perfectly with our brand of death/doom. This time we did “Baron Blood” (“Evoken Vulgarity”), “The Fall of the House of Usher” (“Crumbling Insanity”), “Twins of Evil” (“In the Dead We Dwell”), “Blood from the Mummy´s Tomb” (“Curses Scribed in Gore”) and “Legend of the Werewolf” (“Summoned into Euphoric Madness”).

Prior to Effigies of Evil, Hooded Menace took part in four split releases, and an EP earlier this year. Does the band like being so busy, or is this something more to keep the band’s name fresh and out there on the lips of the fans or listeners?

Nah, it´s just nice to share a wax with a band you dig and have respect for. We like to do that every now and then but I guess not so much in the future. I think we want to focus more and more on full albums rather than spit out songs on smaller releases so often. However, next up is “Labyrinth of Carrion Breeze” EP and a split with Loss for Doomentia Records. I´m very excited about these releases.

What is the composition process like for Hooded Menace? Considering how much you recorded/released between Never Cross the Dead and Effigies of Evil, you guys must have a tight writing schedule, or just a method that allows you to write songs in a timely manner. Care to let in on any secrets?

I don´t write music all the time but once I get to it I can be quite productive I guess.

Were all the songs created outside of the studio, or did you guys come up with anything while there, or perhaps made some changes to the songs that didn’t exist prior to the studio time?

As always everything was written and well-thought-out before we hit the studio except for the outro track “Retribution in Eternity” which was pretty much a last minute addition. It turned out cool though. Nice and creepy, short closing track.

Do you guys already have new songs ready to go for any upcoming splits or another EP, or perhaps songs recorded for Effigies of Evil that didn’t make it but might appear elsewhere at some point later on?

We don´t have any leftover tracks from “Effigies of Evil” -sessions. I don´t write tons of material and choose the best bits for the album. I rather work slowly and carefully on a few tracks, put all the best ideas into them and that will eventually make the album. There´s rarely any leftover material. We have a couple of new songs written. “Monuments of Misery” will go for the aforementioned vinyl split with the US doomlords Loss and the rest for “Labyrinth of Carrion Breeze” EP that we are currently recording. It´s really catchy and heavy stuff.

One last thing I want to touch on is touring. Are there any details you can mention at this point, perhaps dates here in North America at some point?

The festivals lined for 2013 are Hellfest (France), Obscene Extreme (Czech Republic), Party.San Metal Open Air (Germany) and Eindhoven Metal Meeting (Holland). There will be one more festival and probably we´ll do a mini tour in central Europe and a couple of shows in Finland. We won´t be playing US in 2013. Maybe next year, I hope. Keep your eye on our Facebook page to keep up with the touring dates.

Is there anything else you would like to mention before I let you go?

Check us out on Facebook. Thanks for the interview! Take care!

Thank you again for your time, and I wish the best for you guys, and the success of Effigies of Evil. Take care!

Hooded Menace
Interview conducted thanks to Relapse Records.