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Hybrid (band)
Back in May, I sent over some questions to the guys at Clawhammer PR to shoot over to Hybrid. After a bit of a delay, guitarist Iván Durán took the time to get some answers back to me. So, here is what he has to say about Angst, their contract details, and more.

So, why just Angst as the title instead of the full song title “Angst Ridden Inertia?” Is there an encompassing meaning that the full title wouldn’t properly exhibit?

Because it’s shorter and sounds better. Basically Angst Ridden Inertia appears to us as a constrained title for the album, reflecting just a partial view of what we wanted to describe. Angst reflects better the feeling, the concept that we wanted the album to express as a whole.

It’s going on five years since The 8th Plague was released, and in that time there’s been a revolving door of band members. Was that the primary reason for the silence, or were there other facors?

Well, Chus is the antichrist and eat band members every year, hope Antonio and me can survive one more record. Just kidding, there were many problems during this five years hiatus, some related to the never-ending-story of finding new members, plus the fact that i live 600 km from the other guys complicates things even more. Lots of money to rehearse, less time to rehearse, cerebral damage due to rehearsals until 4 A.M, eating junk food, smell of “choto”, you know, the rock star way of life.

You guys are now a three-piece intease. How did this decision come about, and how has it impacted the band? Has it caused any changes as far as writing material goes?

We played ouija until the spirit of Seth Putnam said to us that 3 is a good number, anyway 95% of the music was composed by the three of us, so no drama with the “Three Musketeers” situation.

Did the many line-up changes or just being a three-piece impact Angst, or perhaps make Hybrid more aggressive as a unit?

No, we are very aggressive people long before we were a trio, we eat razors for snack since we were children.

I noticed Iván and Antonio are credited as Guitarists on this release. There’s no bassist or vocalist. Who took over these roles, and why did it end up being him/them?

The bass guitar, keyboards and clean voices were recorded by Óscar Martin, and the screams/low growls were recorded by Álex Martin, two talented musicians who helped us to complete this record.

Óscar plays in a band called As Light dies, and Chus knew his work so he introduced him to us, very creative and hardworking guy, he even did a show with us as a vocalist and learned the songs in just a week. To find a vocalist, we did an audition, and Álex was the best one, Álex nailed it on the record.

Do you have any intentions to look for a permanent bassist or vocalist at some point? If so, are you accepting submissions? If not, will you just be sticking with session members for live shows?

Sure, if Seth Putnam sends us a signal to add new members we will do it, but right now we don’t want to share our huge royalties.

Play with Hybrid it’s more than just play well your instrument, it’s very important for us that the new members have an open mind and especially that they are human beings, no rock stars, no lazy dickheads, no egomaniacs, truly love for the 90’s hip-hop, guys who know how to hide their mental issues. So, until we find the right ones, or until we develop our new robot metal clones, when we play live again we will do it with session members.

Listening to Angst, I couldn’t help but wish the guitars were tuned a bit deeper. Is this how you envisioned the album, or is that the general sound that came from post-production, or even the distortion that was used?

The guitars were tuned to Drop A, mainly because is the same tuning i had in my previous band Fragments, and because we wanted a change in the sound compared to the previous record. Our idea behind “Angst” was a powerful and organic sound in all the instruments, we didn’t want the typical mechanical metal sound that invades 90% of the metal records today.

Speaking of, what kind of gear were you guys using in the studio? Also, was anything provided for you guys to use while there?

The guitars were recorded using a Gibson Les Paul and two Washburns; Dime V Pro and a Dime 333 with thick strings, and the heads were an Engl Powerball and a Diezel Herbert, the Diezel is my main amp and the Powerball was in the studio. Check to see Chus drum kit.

While I was going through your Facebook page, a post was made in honor of Chi from Deftones. You said that group is “always a constant influence.” I’m just curious what specifically from them influences you and the others the most, and how you use it in your material. Mind explaining?

Deftones is one of the few bands that doesn`t make bad records, even their worst ones are better than the average. The drum work is superb, the vocals are very creative, the guitar have a great balance between the aggresive passages and the mellow ones, Deftones handle dynamics like no one and never disappoint.

Angst is also the first album through Deepsend Records. How did you guys end up signed with them, and any way to give some details on the contract, such as if it’s just this album or if it’s a multi-release deal?

We signed with Deepsend Records because Nuclear Blast are too busy signing metal dinosaurs, maybe if the next record is full of breakdowns we could sign with Ferret Music.

Our Deepsend contract includes:

  • Three Panzerkampfwagen, one for each member.
  • One free ride for a Walmart Safari.
  • A bag full of meth from Allan West lab.
  • A DVD XXX version of Game Of Thrones, or maybe its the original one, i don’t know.
  • And of course, a box full with CDs, booklets, and inlays to assemble them comfortably at home to finally collect dust in the warm of our homes.

How about with touring? Are there any plans in the works, or is it not possible right now?

It would be cool to do a tour with some metalcore band or Meshuggah wannabe, but we have not had any chances yet. Of course if we get a good opportunity to do some shows we will do it, if you are a corrupt promoter who pays with beer and a metal hug don’t miss the opportunity.

Is there anything else you want to mention before I let you go?

You can order our new album “Angst” through our email account or via direct message in Facebook. If you want to hear “Angst” in streaming, click here.

Hybrid its Krieg!!!

Hybrid: Angst
Interview conducted thanks to Clawhammer PR.