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Kreator (band)

Recently I came across a few of the audio interviews I conducted back in the day when I was a DJ and Metal Director for WSFX FM. I got to speak with a large amount of great musicians, including members of Beseech, Leaves’ Eyes, Amon Amarth, Children of Bodom, God Dethroned and more then I can possibly hope to remember. Sadly, not all the interviews made it onto a disc so I can reflect back on my accomplishments there, as the station manager, for some reason, did a complete overhaul of the system and removed all the Metal programs, interviews and bumpers we had. I luckily backed up some of the classic bumpers, but only some of the interviews were put to disc prior to his wiping the hard drive.

Among the interviews I put on disc was an interview I did with Mille Petrozza, vocalist of Kreator. The interview was a thirty minute spot, but he wound up phoning late so I did the best I could with it, and in the end the interview came in roughly eleven minutes after being edited for the radio. Three versions existed: An aired version with WSFX FM bumpers every few minutes, and an edited version without the bumpers on the WSFX FM Myspace page. This is the version that made it to the webpage. Because I’m proud of my work from back then, I now present this interview to you, the loyal readers.

– Apoch
Kreator: Enemy of God
Interview conducted thanks to Kreator.