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Lost Society (band)
Unfortunately I missed the e-mail about a possible phone interview with vocalist/guitarist Samy Elbanna earlier in the month, but Nuclear Blast extended the opportunity to conduct an e-mail interview. With their debut full-length album, Fast Loud Death, quickly approaching a North American release date of April 2nd, I took the second chance and shot some questions over to the band. Sure enough, a few days later, they came back answered. Check out what Samy had to say!

How’s everything going on your end? All is well I hope.

Hey man, everything’s going really well over here, hopefully over there too!

As I put this interview together, you guys are playing at Red Neck in Finland go? Was there a good turn out?

The gig in Red Neck was the release gig for the album and I have to say it was one of the best gigs we’ve played to date! The place was filled and the crowd was really going insane and enjoying the hell out of it! It’s always such an amazing feeling to see the crowd go wild and see the looks on their faces when we play our stuff!

I see that you have another show on the 29th, and then a five day mini-tour through Finland early April. Are you guys primarily staying there for now, or are there any plans to get Lost Society over to other countries at some point?

We are goíng to be focusing mainly on Finland this spring and summer with those gigs plus some summer festivals here in Finland and we’ll be playing at the Beastival in Germany and Eternity Of Rock in Italy! We hope to go around Europe at some point promoting Fast Loud Death and thrashing up the place!

At this point, would you say that there’s any sort of chance that Lost Society might hit here in North America?

At this point I could not say, but I can say that we all want to come out there and give you guys a good time, hopefully this will happen as soon as possible!

Will Lost Society be doing anything else other than live performances to help promote your upcoming debut (Fast Loud Death) and festival dates, such as maybe a music video or anything else?

The summer festivals in Finland plus some abroad will be great promotion for the album as we really give out a fun live show to check out and we just always give it our complete all live and that’s when we shine! A brand new music video for the song Trash All Over You will be premiering on the Metal Hammer UK website on the 20th of March and that’s definitely worth checking out!

You guys formed in 2010, and it didn’t take you long to get signed with Nuclear Blast Records. How did this come about, and what are the terms? Is it for a single album, or will we see more under that name later on?

Yeah, it’s been amazing how fast things have gone and we’re all just so excited about what’s gonna go down next! Signing to Nuclear Blast was helped by the Global Battle Of The Bands competition we were in, in that sense that after playing in the finals of the Finnish part of the competition, we released a live video of the song Trash All Over You taken from that final, and the video got linked to the guys at Nuclear Blast and they saw potential in it and contacted us! Now that Fast Loud Death is coming out, we’re gonna be doing gigs promoting the album, and I can say that this is just the beginning..

Listening to Fast Loud Death, the production is pretty crisp and digital. Did you have any fear putting an album out that was this modern sounding may actually turn away fans of Thrash at first?

Even before going to the studio we had been talking with Nino about the kind of sound we want to achieve at the studio, and the basic idea was getting our adrenaline and energy captured with an old school attitude but have modernized sounds to give it a pounding effect! This really was captured and we are all really happy with the outcome! The songs on the album just give out the full energy of Lost Society and the pounding and loud sounds will get the listeners hooked and moshing their brains out!

You recorded the album at Sonic Pump Studios with Nino Laurenne as the producer. What was it like working with Nino, and were there any complications during the studio time or any interesting stories you would be willing to recap?

Working with Nino was really great! He’s an absolute professional at what he does and with his good tips and pointers we made the songs sound even better! We where very happy with the studio trip also because it went down very smoothly, no complications or anything! It was great fun for all of us and we hope we can work with Nino again in the future!

How different was it working in the studio this time around compared to when you recorded your self-titled 2011 demo?

Recording the album, it was the first time for all of us being in a real professional studio and it was definitely a crazy feeling, in a good way! The employees and the equipment were top quality and we really had fun there and got a good album done! It was very different from the demo recordings because we just had much more time to focus on the stuff being done!

Speaking of your demo, is there any possibility that it may crop up as bonus material, or even a reissue at some point in the future since these three songs don’t appear on Fast Loud Death?

You never know! It could be that maybe at some point we could give the fans something cool to check out and put out some old stuff!

According to the press release, all editions come with two bonus tracks. Why was “Escape from Delirium” a bonus song instead of just having it with the other thirteen songs? Is it that different, or is it something that not all regions will get on their pressings?

Having Escape From Delirium as a bonus track was basically an idea that came with the KISS cover, that having two tracks as bonuses would be cool for the people to check out! However yeah I do believe that most of the versions include these!

How about the other bonus track, “I Stole Your Love”. Why did the band decide to cover this KISS song? Any specific reason?

We’ve been playing the song for quite a long time now in practice and live and we really have got a cool version out of it, basically by making it faster and adding more solos! It’s also a tribute from us to KISS, as they have been a big musical influence to us and they just are awesome!

Is there anything else I neglected that you would like to mention?

I’d just like to say thank you to all the Lost Society supporters out there! Hopefully we can come out there some day and give all of you the time of your lives! Check out the album and enjoy!

Hey thanks a lot for you time. I appreciate it. And I hope all goes well for the band, and Fast Loud Death. Take care!

The pleasure was all mine! Thank you so much, take care man!

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Lost Society
Interview conducted thanks to Nuclear Blast Records.