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NightShade (band)
Not long after posting my review of the new NightShade album, An Endless Vision, I ashot some quick interview questions over the band about the album, any possible tour dates, and more. It didn’t take too long before they got back to me. Below is what they had to say:

How’s everything on your end? I hope all is well with An Endless Vision due out shortly…

Pretty good! We are stoked to know the album has finally been released. The feedback we have gotten so far has been really positive so we’re very happy.

Speaking of An Endless Vision, why did you choose this title for the album instead of using one of the song titles?

We were looking for an album title which could cover the overall meaning of the lyrics and the musical progression of the band. Basically that we have “an endless vision” of things to come for the band. After few hours searching a title, Mason came up with the final one and we all decided to keep it.

Do you feel that NightShade has really grown in the time between Lost in Motion and An Endless Vision, or is how different this album is compared to others just a general goal to sound more unique when the band wrote the material?

I really think our sound grown since Lost In Motion. When Lost In Motion was finished, Fabien and I began to work on writing material for “An Endless Vision”. We really tried to put all our influences together to make something new, yet still stay to our roots. We wrote something which sounded the best for us. Alex and Erik joined the band when the album was almost done, and we wrote the remaining songs together. They have their own style and influences. We rearranged some parts together with the aim of improving their quality and to make it viable for 3 guitarists. Most of this was done at the studio. Mason rearranged all drums and made it way more dynamic, technical, but still human… he did an awesome job, same as Antony who did an awesome job on writing lyrics.

I noticed the lack of Electronic elements as well. Why did you decide to try to minimize that aspect, or do you feel it’s about the same as any other NightShade album?

We didn’t really choose to minimize it, it’s just Fabien Letren (who helped us write since ‘Lost In Motion’) and I just didn’t write that many electronic parts during the writing process. I think it’s a good balance.

You guys worked with two well known names in the technical aspect of An Endless Vision, having Jason Suecof mix it and then Alan Douches master the album. How and why did you choose to work with these two individuals, and what was it like?

Jason Suecof is in my opinion one of the best metal producers in the entire world, I grew up with many of albums he used to mix (Roadrunner United, Trivium, Black Dahlia Murder…) so being able to work with him was unbelievable! He’s also just such a great guy, and will do his absolute best to make the best sound for the album and the sound the band is looking for. Jason and Eyal Levi (who worked on the mix too) proposed to send the mix to Alan Douches, who was one of my mastering choices, so it worked out perfectly. Alan is really professional too and finished the mastering very quickly, and it sounds killer!

Were there any other individuals you considered to work on mixing, mastering, or anything else related to An Endless Vision? If so, who and why?

Yes, at the beginning I had two choices, Jason Suecof or Joey Sturgis. For me they’re both amazing producers, with each of them having a particular sound, but Joey was only able to do the mastering for this period so we decided to go with Jason.

How about for the “Betrayal” music video? How did it come to be you worked with Making Dreams Productions, and are you happy with the direction they took the video in with the “real footage” violence angle?

We watched their recent music videos, and liked their work, so we decided to travel to Spain to work with them. They’re really professional and they treated us like royalty! The idea of real footage came from Gamallo, the director of MDP, he proposed to us the idea and it really fits with the lyrics of the song.

You also released an audio stream of “Amiss Desire.” Why were these two chosen, and were there any others you wanted to see go out before the album was release instead?

The band was looking to release “Make Up Your Mind”, but the label thought “Amiss Desire” was a better idea, so we released it. The song we wanted to see released before the album dropped would be “Make Up Your Mind”, because it’s a song all of us worked on it, so you can feel all the influences and the progression of the song, the lyrics, etc.

I do need to ask, “Virtue in Hand” and “Creepy Crawlies” have such dynamically different clean vocals. Who performed them, and why the huge changed compared to the softer singing that’s appears earlier on?

The clean singer on “Virtue In Hand” is Johnny Franck (ex Attack Atack, The March Ahead…) so of course our voices don’t sound the same. In “Creepy Crawlies” I tried to sing in a higher range because I felt as though it fit better with the song.

I don’t see any tour dates listed for you guys as of writing this, but saw a post on your Facebook on April 8th that you’re practicing for an upcoming tour. What are you all doing to get ready for it aside that?

Before going on tour, we all practice a lot, work on our endurance and performance, to deliver the best live show we can every night. We really want to deliver a huge show and make sure that everyone who came is talking about us.

Actually, where will you be heading out too? I don’t see any dates listed. Did I miss them, or are they still to be announced? If not posted yet, mind cluing us in to where you guys are going and for how long?

We haven’t announced any tours yet, but Artery Global and I (with Energy Zombie Management) are both working on some tours in the US, Canada and Europe, so you can be sure to catch us on the road really soon! We can tell you Canada will be during September and Europe during October/November, and we’re looking at the US for this summer!

What songs do you intend to include, or at least want to include, in your set for any upcoming dates?

In my opinion, Betrayal needs to be in the set, since it’s the first single on the new album. Make Up Your Mind because it’s a really good groovy song, and I would love to play Wasteful Ways, Virtue In Hand, Creepy Crawlies and Hope Is What Makes Us Strong because they’re all really powerful and perfect for live shows!

Is there anything else you would like to mention before I let you go?

hanks a lot for the interview and for the review you did, really glad to know you liked the album. And if you read this, don’t hesitate to check out our album!

No problem! And thank you for getting back to me so quick! Take care!

NightShade: An Endless Vision
Interview conducted thanks to Bullet Tooth Records.