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Rotten Sound (band)
The other night, I finally had the chance to check out the new Rotten Sound EP, Species at War. Once my audio bludgeoning was complete, I reached out the band with some interview questions. In what is easily a site record, Keijo took the time on tour to answer them.

How is everything going on your end? I hope all is well.

Yeah, great! We’re just on our way to play a show in Joensuu, Eastern Finland. We’re also finalizing tour bookings for the rest of the spring shows, including a 3,5 week tour in North America.

First of all, how did the concept of Species at War come to be?

Cursed was about curses of humanity and I consider the EP as the final chapter for that album. Species at War is handling the most evil consequences caused by our curses. Everyone knows that none of the religious or political systems were originally meant to spread violence, but people interpret them in this way all the time and it really makes me wonder if they’re just an excuse to destroy.

Did it take the band a while to write this material, or is it easy for Rotten Sound to hammer out a strong EP like this as if it were nothing?

The songs were in the works already in 2010 when we wrote and recorded Cursed, but when Cursed content was complete, we decided to put these 6 songs aside for a while. Then, we toured quite a lot around Cursed release and didn’t really think about these songs at all. Others started to put together material to the next album, they realized that these songs don’t really fit so well with what’s coming up next and as a result we decided to finalize this one. It felt quite easy, but we also spent more time with the song-order and general flow & feeling. It also helped me a lot to write the lyrics on top of final tracks. So, I guess it wasn’t that hard, but we also had a lot of time to do it. We also have written almost 20 new songs for the next album and thought originally to put these songs on that too, but they didn’t fit the other songs so well.

How about the recording of this EP? Ws it a long process, or a rather short one?

It took a lot of time in calendar, but when everyone recorded themselves, it was quite simple process as a whole. I don’t even know the exact time for others, but I did my vocals one evening, right after I had written the lyrics.

Were there any problems that came up in the studio during that time?

Nope! Everything was really smooth and easy.

How about the mastering of the album? Who was it that handled it, and why did you choose to work with him or her?

We tried to master with Scott Hull, but even when he’s work was strong, Sami’s reference was all the time more to our liking. So, Sami Latva, our drummer did the mastering. We could have tried someone else too, but this was the easiest option.

The last full-length came out in 2011, and then this year you guys release this eight minute EP. Are there any other songs ready to go for the studio that are being considered for your follow-up album?

Yeah, as said, we’ve almost 20 new songs now. I think we’ll start recording when this tour is over, late 2013 or early 2014.

Are there any details you can spill about it? Maybe a hint at what fans can expect of the next album?

Hard to say, really, because we will still write more songs and probably end-up sacking a few too + make some for split(s). It’ll sound like us: grind-core with sludge and death-metal. Or maybe something else too.

I see that you guys are on tour right now. How’s that going for you?

We’re touring in Finland, our home country. This one started really well and I expect that everything else will be loads of fun too.

Have any interesting stories from the road so far you wouldn’t mind telling?

So many stories… I wish this was a phoner to record you some…

Out of curiosity, what is it like for Rotten Sound touring outside the US? Is it a largely different experience entirely? Do you prefer it, or are you antsy to venture back to North America for the other dates you have set up here?

We like touring everywhere and North America is always fun – just like all other places. We will announce quite a few more of dates for North America too, it should be almost full US-tour when it’s ready.

Is there anything else you’d like to mention before I let you go?

Just the normal: “See you at the shows”. Thanks!

Rotten Sound: Species at War
Rotten Sound
Interview conducted thanks to Relapse Records.