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Satan's Wrath (band)
With the review of debut Satan’s Wrath album, Galloping Blasphemy, I sat down to work out some questions for the group. I wasn’t too sure if anybody would actually get back to me, but it seems that vocalist, dummer, and bassist Tas Danazoglou took some time out of his schedule to get back to me with some answers.

First of all, how’s everything going, especially with Galloping Blasphemy having dropped recently?

I think its doing pretty good. I mean, I don’t know numbers and stuff but people seem to like it. I’m disapointed cause I wanted people to hate it like all my favorite records.

Satan’s Wrath is a two-piece group. What made the decision final on just having two members instead of a full group?

The band was intended for a full line-up, but everyone around me is a poser and a whimp. It took time for me and Stamos to find members for a full band as we have now.

Obviously the group has a fascination with goats in a ritualistic sense. Obviously many black metal bands look upon it in a similar manner, but what does this animal represent to you and it’s impact on the group’s music and lyrical content?

The goat is the eternal symbol and Satan, and enemy of Christianity. There was goat worship in antiquity from Babylong, Greece, Egypt, Summeria, and so on, so its the original symbol of Paragnism and Heathendom. It’s a very sexual animal and wants to fuck all the time, therefore represents fertility and lust. Christians hate it, but there will come a time that they will get fucked in the ass from a goat very soon.

How about the influences for this album’s sound outside the goat? I picked up on many such as some Mercyful Fate and Venom, but what other groups helped shape the material found on Galloping Blasphemy?

Metal Blade-era Slayer, Possessed, Hellhammer, Iron Maiden, [Black] Sabbath, and a lot more. Anything from classic Metal to old Thrash and Death Metal. Definitely NOTHING with blasts.

It seemed as though you were trying to achieve more of an analog sound, but ended up with more of a crisp digital one. Was it a problem trying to capture the spirit of the eighties and analog sound in a modern recording studio, or did the band go in wanting more of a modern sound to it?

The spirit of the 80’s and real Metal is not the sound or the production. Is how much balls you put into your music and if the purity of steel is 100 percent. Furthermore, you can tell if someone was bashing the instruments hard while recording, or if he was petting them. Sound and production is for whimps. We will record with whatever and still be superior to all.

How long did it take Satan’s Wrath to write the material for this recording before heading into the studio? The band formed in 2011, so I assume it wasn’t that long…

It took me around two months playing for fun in my living room late afternoons after work. Each song took me about one hour to write the music, and another for the lyrics I would say. My problem was that I had to keep playing them so I don’t forget them before the recording.

Did any work in previous bands from either of you impact how you wrote these songs, or perhaps were compositions originally meant for them but wound up coming over to Satan’s Wrath instead?

Not at all. If any the work of older bands that I ripped off, like Possessed, influenced the album and not the previous bands that I played. *laughs*

Do you feel that was enough time to grow and mature the songs as a group before putting them on the album?

I think cheddar is good mature not Metal. Metal needs to be spontaneous, aggressive, narrow minded and hateful. If you think, or try too much, it ends up shit. Like most bands of today.

How did it come about that Satan’s Wrath signed with Metal Blade Records?

We send the record and Brian Slagel liked it. Thank all. Thank you, Brian.

So, where is the band at now as far as pushing the album? Will we be seeing a music video at some point, or perhaps live session members being hired to head out on the road?

As I said before, we’ve got a full line-up now and ready to strike like a beast!!! A music video is intended for the next album, but will be insane. I will record it only on VHS and I will put a bad video player to chew it. Then the result will be the actual video.

If you ever do head out on tour or perhaps play some festivals, will we be seeing a lot of goat imagery or body parts on stage somewhere, perhaps even a mask such as the one that came with the press release for Galloping Blasphemy? Or would you consider that treading too far into pushing, for lack of a better term, a gimmick more than focusing on your music and overall performance?

Our live shows will be a total vomit on the face of humanity. We will try to have as many goat heads on stage of course, but our shows will be closer to a chaos UK show in a small squat than a “Black Metal” group. We want to filth, disgust, and repulsion, not a 3D production of Lord of the Rings. Fuck you bands with name inspired by Lord of the Rings!!!

On a different note, the press release that accompanied the album said the one of you “controls 13 different covens worldwide,” as well as communicate “with thy master through ceremonial black magic and necromantic rituals.” I don’t know much about either of your personal lives, but how much of this is true, and, if any is, have either of these facts greatly impacted the final product of Galloping Blasphemy?

It is totally true. We are Satanists, and of the worst kind.

Is there anything else that you would like to mention before I let you go?

I want to thank all real Metalheads worldwide for keeping true Metal alive, and I want to wish death and destruction to all posers.

Thank you very much for your time, I really appreciate it. I hope all goes well for you guys, as well as with the release of Galloping Blasphemy.

Thank you.

Satan's Wrath
Interview conducted thanks to Metal Blade Records via Earsplit PR.