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Shadowcraft (band)
Last month I reached out the guys in Shadowcraft about their new EP, Principles of Chaos. It didn’t take long to get back to me, but two hard drive crashes later, I finally got the chance to share the response with you. Thanks to vocalist Pyrphoros for taking the time out to answer them.

How is everything going on your end? Has everything been a little hectic with the recent release of Principles of Chaos?

We are very happy that our debut album has been released. We have spent a lot of time and effort to see this happening so everyone is very happy with the result. Its always nice to see to see your work published.

Shadowcraft has been in existence now about eight years. Given the reolving door of band members, would you say your sound has changed dynamically over those years, or has the band remained rather consistant to the original sound on the A Nightful of Shadows demo?

The initial plan was to have this particular sound aesthetic since our first demos. Unfortunately, former band members lacked the mentality to follow this particular sound and that’s why they’ve been replaced. Naturally the addition of new members brought new soundscapes that enabled us to develop our current sound. Now regarding the relation of our sound in the early releases we can say that every release had to do with the line up that was recording it. For example in the demo ‘Inside a sick mind’ the drummer was more thrash-oriented while in the debut album the drummer added various elements from other kinds of metal. This difference is quite clear even if you listen to one song from each release.

Given all that happened over the years, was Shadowcraft limited when it came to recording a potential full-length, or were you all waiting for a label to back you before entering the studio?

The limitations we had were the classical limitations that every band has to face, including member changes, budget and a proper recording studio that understands what we have envisioned. In our early years we had several members, located in other cities of Greece. Plus our main composer, Amethyst, was in England for academic purposes. So this slowed down the whole progress of the album, but it also helped us to understand more our material and arrange it accordingly and eventually evolve to what is Principles of Chaos now. Another limitation was the way we composed the album. We didn’t have the time to work all together so everyone was writing his parts after the other. This means that when the guitars of the whole song were ready, we added the keys; then after the keys the drums parts the voices and so on.

No, we didn’t wait for a record label in order to work and make our full length album (we had the recording since 2011; mixed and produced). We were just thinking the alternatives on how to release it. Just before we make our order for our copies (self-financed), Panagiotis Karagiannidis, our manager, called Pyrphoros and informed him that we had a record deal in our hands. Long story short.

Last year, Shadowcraft recorded a four song demo of material that would become the full-length. Has there been talk of possibly making this material available officially, such as bonus tracks, limited edition second disc, or even a download code?

This 4 track EP was for promotional use only and included four tracks from the current release. As we mentioned before, the material was recorded since 2011, so we had to do something with the material we had. Therefore, since the songs are the same, for both releases, there is no reason to make a separate release. The only thing that changed is the artwork.

How about your other three demos prior to it? Are they, or will they be, available to the general public somehow?

Currently, there are no physical copies of our previous recordings and there are no plans to re-release them. Therefore, they will be available for download soon in our official website that is under construction. Now, if, anyone is interested for a physical copy and if the requests are many we would be happy to consider either to discuss it with our label so we can reissue some material or we could make some copies ourselves.

So, how did it come about that Shadowcraft signed with Noisehead Records?

As we mentioned before, Panagiotis (our manager), called Pyrphoros one morning with the good news of a record deal. The following weeks we were discussing with Noisehead Records all the details about the contract and we informed all the members for that possibility of a record deal and after all the discussions we decided to sign.

What does this deal have in store for you guys? Mind breaking the contract down a bit, such as if there will be more than one album through the label?

We are not obligated to discuss the contract details in public and the only information we can give you is that we have a 2 years contract involving only Principles of Chaos. Now if both sides (we and the label) are satisfied after these years, we would consider expanding our contract for another release.

What was the studio time like for Shadowcraft? Were there any problems or interesting stories you wouldn’t mind telling?

From where shall we start?! We recorded the drum parts with two different drummers. Imagine how confusing was that. The drummers had totally different playing style so we had to decide which one to choose. Eventually, we started recording with the drummer we chose. Unfortunately, for an unknown reason all the drums parts were not recorded properly and they were totally corrupted in the mix. So, this meant that we had to start recording again all the drum parts of the album from scratch. We wasted a lot of time but this helped us to develop a better understanding of the songs and make the appropriate changes where needed. The time in studio had its ups and downs like in most attempts to record an album. There were moments of angriness but also satisfaction and happiness. Sometimes the atmosphere was quite heavy and demanding but in the end we were all happy with the result.

Does there happen to be any kind of concept to the album? A few songs seemed to be linked in way or another, but without the lyrics I can’t really tell if that is what’s happening.

We had as a thought to make a concept album and the initial planning was to do so. Thereafter, considering the variety of the songs Pyrphoros decided not to go as planned! He chose, to write about different aspects of lyrical themes, the kind that fit every song individually. Of course the are linked songs in the album that have similar thematology but it is not a complete concept album.

Principles of Chaos also seems to be a bit on the sleak side, though sometimes the performances, and even lyrics, don’t really seem to suit that quality. Was this what the band wanted to do, or did you want it at all different given some of the themes?

Every song has a story to tell. So this means that every song had a different approach technically. So when we listened to the final mix and noticed some variety’s in the sound we decided to keep em as it was.

So you think that if Principles of Chaos had maybe a rougher quality, or were to be pressed on vinyl, the atmospheres being presented would be dynamically different for the better or the worst?

Actually, we already planned a vinyl release later this year since we believe that vinyls give a whole different sense. As we all know vinyls ‘carry’ a different quality and create a better emotion than a simple .mp3 file! Therefore, a vinyl release would create a better dynamical atmosphere. Now regarding the rougher quality i don’t think it would help a lot to promote the current style we have in mind. The majestic style we want to achieve is not the ‘fancy-like-super-clear quality’ nor the rougher-i can’t hear the guitars-style! We tend to position ourselves in between so we reach the middle point and not stretch it to the limits of very clear or very rough. Keeping a balance is always a good thing.

How about touring? I didn’t see any dates on your Facebook, will the band be hitting the road soon? Also, is there any chance you guys might try getting over here to North America?

We are currently rehearsing the live set and there are plans to do a Greek tour. The reason we haven’t announced anything yet is that we got 2 new members on the roster and we want them to be 100% blended in the philosophy of the band and of course to learn the material. So expect soon to see announcements about live dates! We also hope that we will be able to go abroad in the near future (Europe/USA) if promoters/Venues are interested.

Is there anything else before I let you go?

We would like to thank all people that supported us since the beginning of this band. I also want to thank you,Jason for this interesting interview and we hope that one day we will be able to conquer US with our melodies.

Shadowcraft: Principles of Chaos
Interview conducted thanks to Noisehead Records.