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Soilwork (band)

I was given the opportunity to sit down and chat with Soilwork drummer Dirk Verbeuren regarding their upcoming album, The Living Infinite. We talk about the album, the upcoming US tour, US politics, and whether fans in North America will have to sing happy birthday to anyone like I had to during the Stabbing the Drama tour.

Not too long after the interview, Dirk shot over an e-mail he asked to be included as part of the interview. It clarifies his statement about the choice of singles from the album. The message is as follows:

“Hey man, if that’s ok with you, I just wanted to add something about the choice of singles because I feel like I didn’t express my thoughts very well when answering that.

“As a band, we’re very much involved in any decisions revolving around our music. I pointed out that we considered the label’s opinion as far as the choice of singles went, which is true. But ultimately it was our decision to release those songs in that exact order. We feel that “Spectrum” is the perfect way to kick things off with a blast; “This Momentary Bliss” is very much a “classic Soilwork” sounding track; and “Rise Above The Sentiment” and “Long Live The Misanthrope” are strong songs that represent the diversity and overall vibe of the album.

“The way I talked about it might have made it sound like we just let the label decide about the singles, which really isn’t what happened. So I wanted to rectify that. Thanks for your time and I hope you enjoyed the album!”

Soilwork: The Living Infinite
Interview conducted thanks to Nuclear Blast Records.