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Vardan returns with his latest solo album The Woods is My Coffin. Thanks to the fine folks at Moribund Records, an e-mail interview was set up with the man himself before the album drops. Check out what he has to say about it, as well as his other projects.

Vardan came about in 1997, but it seems recently there’s been a surge of new material, especially in 2013. Are all these new compositions you came up with after the last album, or are all these songs creations you came up with over the years but never recorded until recently?

Vardan was born around 1997, the albums released in 2013 were not written and recorded in the same year.

– Inverted Cross / Thunderbolt – Written and Recorded 2000 / 2001 Full Album

– My Last Pit Of Salvation – Written and Recorded 2008 / 2009 Full Album
– Lifeless Shadow – Written 2009 / 2010 Recorded 2011 Full Album
– …dreaming …living my funeral – Written 2009 / 2010 Recorded 2011 Full Album

– The Wood Is My Coffin – Written and Recorded 2005 / 2006 Full Album
– Enjoy Of Deep Sadness – Written and Recorded 2012 Full Album

Other stuff was written and recorded during these years

How long did it take you to write the material on The Woods is My Coffin, and where did you find the time given the three albums issued last year?

The Wood Is My Coffin was written and recorded during 2005 / 2006. The other albums I wrote were written and recorded between 2008 thru 2012.

Why did you choose the title The Woods is My Coffin for this release? Does it mean anything special to you or the album as a whole?

I chose the title because is a perfect mixture of pictures used for the CD artwork, and lyrics used for the music.

How about the two part “Dawn of the Followers” performance at the end? What is the concept they share, or the general idea that makes them a two part performance?

Dawn of the Followers are lyrics split into two tracks, the concept they share are through the lyrics which are a personal reflection about Black Magic / Occultism / Satanism.

There’s a decent amount of variety in the songs to The Woods is My Coffin. Were these just how the songs turned out, or does each track have a specific influence of some kind, musical or otherwise, that helped you write it?

All the songs basically share same feelings, the themes are the same from the beginning till end: Depression / Black Magic / Occultism / Satanism / Personal Visions / Death, it is these things that help me write Vardan music.

The trend nowadays seems to be recording Black Metal albums in the rawest manner possible, but you chose to keep it rather crisp and digital. Why did you go this route? Did you feel a modern production and mastering would best accentuate the atmosphere of the album?

This album was recorded with a digital multitrack using an old tape multitrack as the instruments pre-amp, the final recording was mixed with a old mixer to have a dense sound, then mastered through digital. The process to record my music has changed again.

What is your opinion between raw and digital Black Metal albums? Do you feel one style of Black Metal demands a specific audio quality, whereas another may not?

I like both raw and digital productions, but it is not important the way music is recorded as long is it gets it point across. As for me I try to create my own sound both clean and raw.

Since 2013’s Lifeless Shadow, you have basically made Moribund Records your home. Are you going to be residing there much longer, or is your contract coming to a close?

This is a question for the boss of Moribund, I have a deal for 3 albums (Lifeless, dreaming…, The Wood), after that he will release another album called Enjoy Of Deep Sadness. Written and Recorded during 2012, pictures for this albums are from Ans – Movimento D’Avanguardia Ermetico.

I’m happy if he is interested in releasing more Vardan albums under mighty and unholy Moribund. I have over 20 works that are recorded but not released.

I’m curious on the writing process for Vardan releases. Since you handle the music and vocals, how do you come up with the material? Also, do you have anyone you run ideas by or anything like that?

First I have a theme in my mind so I start from there with the music, and create songs for the album. After that I record all the instruments, and when I have the final recordings I expand on my first thoughts/theme while listening to the music and then I add vocals to create the finished song.

It’s been a while since we’ve had a new release from either Anwech or Leaden. Any news from either of those camps, or is there a particular reason why we haven’t heard anything?

Anwech and Leaden are both active projects, for Anwech we have two full albums recorded and over 70 minutes of recorded music still to be mixed, but nothing new will be released soon since we don’t have a label. From Leaden a mini album was written but hasn’t been recorded.

Currently I play in a new Depressive Black Metal project called Nostalgic Darkness, it is a two men project with a US friend Reverend John Hex, he plays guitars, vocals and synth, and I play drums bass and synth, our debut album was released and new music will see the unlight in the near future.

So, what’s next for Vardan, the musician? Do you have any other future plans or projects your working on, or is your main focus recording more material for another album?

Three albums were recorded during 2013, music and lyrics are done but without vocals yet, I will finish the albums in 2014, one album will have vocals by my friend Reverend John Hex (Nostalgic Darkness).

For some past and next works I have the help of Mork Natt for some lyrics (see …dreaming …living my funeral)

Vardan: The Woods is My Coffin
Interview conducted thanks to Moribund Records.