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Van Canto: Dawn of the Brave

Sometimes my brain manages to find weird, twisted little ways some songs are similar to others. I have caught plenty of flak over this over the years. Well, with the release of Van Canto‘s music video for “Badaboom,” my brain had been racing trying to figure out what the chorus reminded me off. And it just hit me a bit ago: Backstreet Boys.

Ready to take a trip through how my mind works? Well then, bare with me, because this is gonna be a long visit for it to make sense.

First up, “The Call” by Backstreet Boys. This song is overly simple, far from epic, but the general music itself does have a general similarity with what Van Canto performs in the song. First of all, the album cut is different from the music video (dear god don’t ask how the hell I know all this). So, first, here’s the original version of the song.

Now, let’s remove what little musical talent there was in the studio, and dumb it down to the song’s bare bones for those with the IQ of broccoli.

Still with me? Ok then. Now, onto the bridge between these two songs: Mors Principium Est. The band issued a Melodic Death Metal cover of “The Call,” which was a bonus track available on the Japanese/Korean import version of their 2012 album …and Death Said Live (according to It’s actually a great song, and the main reason I even bothered to listen to “The Call” in the first place. Don’t judge me…

Now, here is where the main stretch come into play. Take the music video version of “The Call,” and try to layer that Metal approach Mors Principium Est took to the original version of the song, but throw it into a blender with an epic Manowar build. Let it sink in for a minute.

Now try to listen to “Badaboom” again…

If you’re brain races anywhere near mine, the similarities will now begin to jump out at you and completely ruin the cheesey goodness of “Badaboom.” Or perhaps this is actually a good thing? A lot of times when you speak with someone who enjoys Pop music, the argument is “it’s all just noise.” By finding comparisons between “The Call” and “Badaboom,” it can act as a bridge between the two styles in a way. The song is easier on the ears than some of Van Canto‘s earlier material, and it carries the epic traits of Metal without being too overbearing and intimidating to someone new to the style.

But, that’s just my opinion on the subject. Either way, sorry Van Canto, I probably ruined the song for more people than anything. But, to those people, you are welcome. Now, may the flak slinging begin.