Review – Impure Consecration: Succumb to Impurity Fire

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  • Label: Blood Harvest Records
  • Release Date: July 15th, 2016 (Digital) / July 29th, 2016 (Vinyl)
  • Genre: Death Metal
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California death metal act Impure Consecration came into existence sometime around or prior to 2015. The exact time that founding member Alex Carrillo (Invocation War, ex-Ignis Occultus) forged ahead with this project is uncertain before the release of its debut cassette Grave Maledict in April of that year. Fast forward to 2016 and this creation has issued a split and two EPs, the most recent being Succumb to Impurity Fire which is getting the seven-inch vinyl treatment courtesy Blood Harvest Records. But is this two song release a suitable one, or could we have held off on yet another appetizer?

Well, if you’re into raw sounding visceral death metal, then you’re in the right place. “Succumb to Impurity Fire” carries itself with the intensity of a Nile album without the highly technical allure or glossy modern finish. There’s an echo to the mastering that gives the sharpened material a burdening, even heated presence with taunting growls that bounce off the walls and sometimes disappear in the distance. It’s an infectious piece with an underlying groove that is impossible not to bang your head along to. Of course, this song was also the first entry on their Conjurations Upon the Impending Demise split with Putrid and, sadly, not the only one to be brought over from previous releases.

“Apparitions of a Malevolent Spirit” has a different production value all together. In fact, it’s the same track ripped from their aforementioned Grave Maledict cassette (as well as the two other releases that followed with a better audio quality all around), and it really kills the momentum established. While still proficient enough to keep your interest the couple of times through, it isn’t as powerful or intimidating given how it sounds like yet another typical “cavernous” black or death metal release, not to mention only really accentuating a deeper presence in the bass kicks compared to the rest of the higher pitched instruments that are abruptly cut at the end a moment too soon.

Impure ConsecrationSuccumb to Impurity Fire isn’t so much an EP as it is a seven-inch compilation of two songs from previous offerings slapped together for a vinyl debut. Or, at least, that’s what it seems. I admit I haven’t heard the split with Putrid personally, so I’m not sure if the track is ripped right from it, but given the song lengths and comparing the b-side with its most recent iterations, I’m pretty sure it is. It feels a bit cheap, especially considering how powerful the title track is, leaving you expecting a recording more of that quality, only to be fed something far less substantial and previously made available not on one, not two, but three different entrees, one of which had two variations available: Studio and live. Thankfully “Succumb to Impurity Fire” is still a great cut, and one newcomers to the group will find plenty of replay value with on what is more just a collectors piece than anything substantial, especially for long time fans.

Impure Consecration

Digital review copy of this release provided by Blood Harvest Records.