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InSilentioNoctis: Winter Kills

Vantaa (Finland) based Symphonic Black Metal IN SILENTIO NOCTIS will release their new output, the MCD “Disenchant The Hypocrites” via My Kingdom Music on August 5.

3 years after the debut album “Through Fragments of Christianity” and a completely new line-up (Tuomas Leskinen and Samuli Reinikainen on guitars, Aleksi Ahokas on bass and Veikko Ringvall on drums) the leader and operatic vocalist Armi Päivinen gives new voice and light to a wonderful gem with these 3 new chapters composing “Disenchant The Hypocrites” dealing with the concept of hypocrisy of both God and his servants.

Once again they fuse scandinavian melancholy with the most obscure side of Symphonic Black Metal in a majestic mix of Emperor’s darkness with the great Therion’s orchestrations, everything led by the beautifully haunting, operatic vocal delivery by Armi, one of the greatest singers of the genre together with Tarja Turunen and Lori Lewis from Therion.

The album out on August 5th, 2013 will be available as MCD and digital

In Silentio Noctis: Disenchant the Hypocrites

“Disenchant The Hypocrites” track listing:
1. Chapter I: The Pit
2. Chapter II: Of Deception
3. Chapter III: Haunted

Definitively listen to the essence of an eclectic band, willing to follow untraveled paths and “not be afraid to dare”.

In Silentio Noctis

Press release provided by My Kingdom Music.