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100% Ported: Audio Only, First Impression, Road Rage, Socially Networked

PostedBand: ReleaseTypeYear
May 22nd, 2012Zero Degree: Surreal WorldFull-Length2010
April 30th, 2012Discussion: An Open Letter to SabatonFull-Length2012
May 19th, 2012St. Vitus: Lillie: F-65Full-Length2012
May 19h, 2012First Impression: The Reticent: Le Temps De Detruit ToutFull-Length2012
May 19h, 2012First Impression: Dragon's LairXBLA2012
May 17th, 2012The Agonist: PrisonersFull-Length2012
May 17th, 2012World Gone SourXBL, PC, PSN2011
May 15th, 2012First Impression: The Bunny The Bear: The Stomach for ItFull-Length2012
May 15th, 2012Hung: Hung(Loads in new layout)Full-Length2012
May 14th, 2012Hexen: Being and NothingnessFull-Length2012
March 13th, 2011Nunslaughter: Hell's Unholy Fire (2012 Reissue) [loads in new layout]Full-Length2012
May 13th, 2012Allegaeon: Formshifter [loads in new layout]Full-Length2012
May 11th, 2012Wardingham, Paul: Assimilate Regeneration [loads in new layout]Full-Length2011
May 11th, 2012Overblood: Excision [loads in new layout]Full-Length2011
May 8th, 2012Cattle Decapitation: Monolith of InhumanityFull-Length2012
May 8th, 2012MinecraftXBLA2012
May 8th, 2012SkullgirlsPSN, XBLA2012
May 7th, 2012Interview: Aaron Miller of Hexagram and Bloodforge VFXInterview2012
May 7th, 2012Aquilus: GriseusFull-Length2011
May 6th, 2012Roadside Report - Candlemass: Psalms for the DeadFull-Length2012
May 5th, 2012First Impression - Fear Factory: The IndustrialistFull-Length2012
May 4th, 2012CreatureHorror2012
May 4th, 2012Beastmilk: Use Your DelugeEP2012
May 2nd, 2012Fable HeroesXBLA2012
May 1st, 2012Catheter: Southwest Doom ViolenceFull-Length2012

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