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Inexorable: Morte Sola

For those who worship death and nihilism: the German obscure death metal unit, INEXORABLE, has made their 2013 self-released MCD entitled “Morte Sola” available for streaming and purchase via its Bandcamp page.

Here’s what the band had to say: “‘Morte Sola’ is band’s first real step on a journey through utter darkness. A journey which leads the listener to the realisation that there is no hope, only darkness and death!”

Fans of Mitochondrion, Gorguts, Portal, Mayhem will be pleased with this homage to darkness and death.

You can purchase ‘Morte Sola’ from Bandcamp. Digipack and T-Shirts are also available through band’s official website. The digipack release is also available via Lavadome store.


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