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Lamb of God
American metal band singer in Prague arrested and accused of killing.

Thursday’s concert of the American metal band Lamb of God is at club Rock Cafe failed because the singer Randy Blythe was based on information obtained Novelties detained by police. The reason is two years old violent criminal offense, the victim died.

Yesterday 21:40 – Prague – The cancellation of the concert on Thursday informed the organizing agency Obscure: “Today at 11:00 pm we received a message from management Lamb of God, that today’s scheduled performance in Prague in the club Rock Café is canceled. The specific reasons we have yet no news. ”

“We have arrested singer year 1971, which was accused of a crime of bodily harm in the 4th paragraph, thus resulting in death, “said Prague police spokeswoman news Kropácová Eve with the fact that the police will be more things to say.

Two years ago, 24 May 2010, is held the first Lamb Of God concert in Prague club Abaton, where, according to information News tragic incident happened.

The official website of the band’s fans in the contributions to the Prague speech appeared that the concert “was canceled, because Randy Blythe was arrested for murder committed on the 24th 5th 2010”.

Lamb of God, who got together in 1994, are from the album Ashes Of The Wake of the 2004 adored as representatives of a new wave of American heavy metal. If the early material was carried to the extreme and in the spirit of grindcore, hardcore and deathmetal, and later, a group drawn from the legacy of Pantera and other metal bands from the American South.

For a group is typical of strongly anti-religious focus, originally named Burn the Priest. The texts deal with bad human characteristics, especially hypocrisy, but also violence, a song called Omerta (mafia confidentiality law, the violation is punishable by death). The band, however, also criticized the war in Iraq.

Lamb of God
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