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Lazarus A.D.

It has been revealed that Ryan Shutler, drummer for Lazarus A.D., has passed away at the age of 29.

No official word about his passing has been made available at this point. It is said that Ryan passed away Sunday, May 17th, and rumors are circulating it may have been due to a heart attack.

Lazarus A.D.: Black Rivers Flow

While there is no post on the official Lazarus A.D. Facebook account regarding this, many bands have come forward to wish their condolences to the friends and family, including Havok, who just recently suffered a loss of their own with former lead guitarist Shawn Chavez having passed as well. Below is their official statement on Ryan’s passing:

Lazarus A.D.: Facebook Post

My deepest condolences go out to the band, Ryan’s friends, and, of course, his family. Rest in peace, Ryan, and thanks for the sick tunes.

Lazarus A.D.
Lazarus A.D.

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based on a public Facebook post by Havok.