April Fool’s – Less Than Jake: American Idle 7″

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April Fool’s – Less Than Jake: American Idle 7″
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Less Than Jake: American Idle
Pop Punk, Ska Punk
Fat Wreck Chords
January 20th, 2015
Release length: 5:49

As someone who grew up in the nineties surrounded by hippies, you’re damn straight I heard my fair share of Ska Punk, Rock Punk, and Grateful Dead. None more synonymous with generic culture shock dribble poop was the band known as Less Than Jake. Formed in 1992 and residing in Gainesville, Florida, they saw immense commercial success following their debut album, Pezcore, back in 1995. But I bet you never knew that these guys had a total of eight albums! Right? I thought so. I’m a psychic like that [psychic NINJA really]. Their most recent foray was the 2013 album See the Light, which was issued through Fat Wreck Chords. According to bassist/vocalist Roger Lima, it was “all new songs and new vibes, only recorded in our old school way,” just the way a new album should be done: new and old. So, what better way to celebrate new material than to rehash their fan favorite from that recording as a seven-inch vinyl with a slapped on cut not good enough to have made it to the final tracklist. I’m talking, of course, about American Idle. Remember it? Sure you do! Psychic, remember? I know what my Death Metal readers wanna know about…

“American Idle” is the same song you heard on the fill length album, which, truthfully, is an absolute fun bomb blowing up in your ear drums! Simple riffs that serve only to mock the Ska genre with how impressive they wind up being against that insanely generic nasal clean singing approach common to the Punk Rock genre. Oh, and there’s saxophone too, because what Ska-anything would be complete without them? It’s a fantastic, catchy track that sticks in your skull unless you hit the stop button with a bullet! Or, maybe, just move onto the downer garbage that is “Late Night Petroleum”…

I mean, how dare Less Than Jake interrupt the fungasm introduced during “American Idle” with this slightly more emotional performance of crippling generic and typical Ska-meets-definition-of-mainstream Pop Punk cut with saxophone we’ve all heard time and time again?! That’s reserved only for fun and happy songs, Mr. Jake! Normally you could argue it’s a stupid cool fresh laid back chill track for when the night time sets in and the beach fire dies down, but, THE BONG SOUND! Clearly Less Than Jake are idiots about having a good time because of it and the incredibly bland bass riffs that Blink-182 and The Offspring would TOTALLY blow away!

So, what does it all come down to? Well, “American Idle” is good, but “Late Night Petroleum” is a total buzzkiller. I mean, I guess it’s good. The guys in Dying Fetus could take a hint from just this seven-inch EP, no doubt! Fans might be a little disappointed that it’s simpler than their usual simple yet OMG fun attitude, so if you’re into this kinda stuff, TOTES pick up American Idle the seven-inch EP! Unless you’re jeally. But I know you’re not, cause, again, psychic…

…psychic ninja WHATAH!!!

01. American Idle – 3:28
02. Late Night Petroleum – 2:21
Initial Pressing Score: 5.5/10

Less Than Jake
Less Than Jake

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