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Zombie Zoeds
Action, Platform, Shmup
Developer: Mystic Games
Publisher: Mystic Games
May 20th, 2015

It’s the Steam Summer Sale!!! Every year, Steam unleashes over a week sales through their marketplace during the summer months (as well as a Christmas sale), just in time for all the kiddies who have nothing better to do! Oh, you sneaky marketing bastards, you… But, have no fear, as the frugal gamer that I am will be looking into many of the titles on sale, and warning you about the worst of the worst! Today is a little top down shooter in the woods (and a laboratory supposedly, though I couldn’t find it) called Zombie Zoeds! Bloodshed! Zombies! Darkness! Microsoft Paint! Check out the video, and the new microphone addition, right here:

Uriel’s Chasm is available for purchase through Steam at THIS LOCATION.

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