Review – Manetheren: The End

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  • Bio: "Manetheren is an ancient nation in the "Wheel of Time" series of books." - Press Release
  • Label: Avantgarde Music
  • Release Date: February 26th, 2017
  • Genre: Atmospheric Black Metal
  • Website: Visit Website
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Minneapolis, Minnesota’s Manetheren have returned with their fifth full-length album The End, a concept release about a human travelling across the lands as the world comes to its end. It’s a foreboding tone you pick up on immediately during the lengthy first track “The Sun That Bled”, heralding the coming end times between bouts of depression and madness. It establishes the coming journey nicely, capturing the imminent conclusion before “When All is Still, There is Nothing” lays on the decimated landscapes as you gaze out at the outcome of this trip.

But, as the release carries on, the more the lines become blurred between reality and delusional. The person in this nihilistic tale starts to feel as though he were a god himself, noted in some of the atmospheric passages such as the closing of “And Then Came the Pestilence”. Even the aforementioned “When All is Still, There is Nothing” holds a hint of hopefulness to our lead before a bit of Cynic-grade jazz signals a new world towards the end.

Band NameWhile The End may only be six tracks in length, the overall compositions spawl across forty minutes of rich, atmospheric black metal meant to take you on an apocalyptic journey and test the bounds of one’s own comprehension of godhood and immortality. While not every track ends up the most engrossing, it still remains something that needs to be experienced in full for a proper impact. With five years since Manetheren‘s last effort dropped, The End stands as a solid return for the band, right on the most appropriate label for such an emotionally charged outing.

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