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It’s been very rare that I just up and not post a thing to this site for an extensive period of time. Usually it’s due to a computer problem or a minor hiccup in life, but even then I typically get some news covered. So, it’s with heavy heart that I announce will not be updated for the rest of 2016 due to massive medical issues.

My multiple sclerosis flared up once more, and its the worst it has ever been. I cannot walk, I do not have the upper body strength, and I am currently in physical therapy to try to rebuild my muscles. I won’t even be home until the start of December. That said, I need to take the time and energy to focus on recovery more than anything else. I owe it to myself, my family, and especially my fiancee who will be baring a good chunk of this hell with me.

I feel as though I am letting you all down, but this is something that must happen. I might update this site from time to time if I feel the strength, so please keep an eye on the twitter and facebook, but as it stands this will be the final post until 2017. I hope you understand and join me when I finally overcome the most recent attack from this debilitating disease..