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The following is a statement from Merdumgiriz on the recent troubles that have befallen the noise act Viranesir, as well as an announcement of their upcoming Kindstod release.

Our project VIRANESIR which was censored by Bandcamp is now censored by Facebook, our friend Paha Henki’s label PHP have been completely removed from Bandcamp for similar reasons so Merdümgiriz took their artists on. First release to be Dahmer’s Fridge / Untitled by noise act Viranesir.

We in Merdümgiriz are not surprised by new censors and censorers as this has caused much scandals in the past that you can read HERE and HERE.

This new avalanche of sudden anathema’s are usual for us, but we would like to just share what happened as a rather messy statement of facts.

Disclaimer: We are believers in freedom of speech. A lot of people misuse the term these days; they aren’t even brave enough to accept the fact that they don’t support freedom of speech. They want to censor people and try to bend the meaning of freedom of speech into including banning and censoring. We in Merdumgiriz have an agenda to enforce freedom of speech as in making censorship illegal. When we say freedom of speech we do not even entertain the idea that some things be prohibited under the guise of being “unsuitable”, but we will talk about that stuff as in what we interpret the censorers to be picking upon henceforth, not that in any way we are defending the value of something being offensive or not. Even a Salafist Jihadist fundamental islamist person in favor of sharia law should be able to SAY anything that they would want to say. When I say SAY I mean SAY not DO. Please don’t twist my words into saying I support terrorist acts. I mean they should be able to SAY that they want to blow places not that they should be able to DO them… There is a big difference between the two. If more people didn’t act like they don’t know this difference maybe then there could be an intervention before action and we believe that there should be strict law’s allowing this sort of freedom of expression and dialogue in every platform possible.


First, “Dad’s Choking On My Vomit Of His Semen” by VIRANESIR is released. There is seemingly nothing “offensive” in the song titles (which is the presumed ‘as we haven’t heard from them’ reason we got removed from Bandcamp), we started promoting it on and off Facebook.

– I get a report for one of my posts not matching the Facebook Community Standards, it is removed, I am warned.
– I get another for an older post.
– I get another for yet an older post.
– I start getting ones for my personal account, for posts that I made over a year ago.
– My personal account is banned for a few days.
– I continue getting it for the VIRANESIR page.
– VIRANESIR page is unpublished.
– I continue getting more and more removals from the far past and my account is banned for 30 days.


Facebook Community Standards is a vague guise under which they can choose what to include in their system according to their profit, not any sort of guideline or law. They have millions of conflicting cases that they always back up by this vague set of so called “standards”. I’ve read it all, it is basically a guideline written by smart lawyers that can make Facebook include or remove things based on what would make life easier for them. There is no order or guideline only vague terms like “offensive, abusive”. How can an expression be offensive in itself? They remove me for my “unsuitable” satires that they deem offensive. Not everybody is offended by them, but one person being offended is enough for them to remove it. Why not remove Slayer for the lyrics of “Angel Of Death”? Bandcamp does the same thing, millions of neo-nazi bands while the satire of a bisexual sand nigger like me is removed. Both Bandcamp, Facebook and almost all the people that I speak are agreeing that censorship is bullshit, but they go with the flow because the flock of simpleton human beings that run the economy caters to it. This of course breeds bigger problems, and this problem is the elephant in the room of our contemporary society.

What censorship is doing is denying the elephant in the room.

So what is this elephant in the room?

Most people think in dichotomies, good and evil, good and bad, successful-unsuccesfull, right-wrong, pretty-ugly. Nothing wrong with making personal value judgements but the moment one tries to apply them as objective values becomes the problem in which they deem something right-wrong and act upon their limited visions with totalitarian acts. Some people like Paha Henki and me are beyond this sort of thinking. We do not believe that there are good and evil things, but just things.

Most people would think that Pedophilia is “wrong”. I personally would not sexually abuse a person be it minor or adult, but I constantly use it as a metaphor in my songs.

I knew a boy whose mother asked him when he was 10 years old:

“Daddy and I are going to divorce, who are you going to stay with?”

the boy, out of shock responded

“I want to stay with my dad”

the mother responded

“According to law, it is me (the mother) who will decide, but I just wanted to know your preference, so that I can punish you for your wrong choice.”

This is a sort of child abuse that nobody can get incarcerated nor be saved from, this happens everyday everywhere and this is a minor scale abuse. Who is going to deliver this child from his misery but artists like us? This and million other abuses are mataphorised and sublimated into our art in million different ways, pedophilia being one of the many. Taking this at face value and banning us for it is a disgusting denial of this and million other abuses expressed and sublimated by us. Please Google psychological sublimation and continue the rest of your life with knowing what that is in relation to art.

The world is utter shit with its first world and third world countries full of both physical and psychological suffering and death, it is not a my little pony world like Facebook or the media shows us, and we are the proprietors of this truth as extreme artists. All of our hands are bloodstained and we accept and express this truth.

They unpublished the Viranesir page, I don’t have high hopes that they will take it back, fuck facebook, I don’t care.


When my friend Paha Henki got removed from Bandcamp overnight, I told him to write them some very kind letters to see if they respond, as they didn’t even respond to my aggressive enquiries here are the screenshots.





Again, another variation of the Facebook Community Standard thing. They are not saying “someone reported you and we did not want to deal with social justice warrior mob” but saying, your art was abusive. Art was abusive LOL.

The real question is, how can one be threatening, abusive, defamatory and all those things they mention THROUGH THEIR ART. Then why not ban all brutal death metal altogether, ban all songs except the ones about positive things? You can differentiate songs about murder and death but when it involves a woman or racial elements it becomes real?

This idea that words are real and should be protected against by censorship is promoting such a dangerous agenda. It is promoting a religious agenda where things that aren’t real become real and a person’s own responsibility about their emotions become nil. As I said, even a Salafi Jihadist should be able to express his views. Action is another thing, and how can it be battled if not through words.

I feel disgusted to even having to write this letter as an artist. I hope some troubled artist will burn themselves in public for being censored and then they will get what we were about.

DAHMER’S FRIDGE / UNTITLED will speak for itself, more releases by PAHA HENKI PRODUCTIONS will be released through MERDUMGIRIZ in due time.

The Faggotbook address of the aforementioned label is

ViranesirPress release provided by Merdumgiriz.