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Below is a list of Metal releases for the week of December 10th, 2013. The list is compiled by release dates on various websites, press releases, and from various promos. You will also find any and all coverae available for them here as well.

DECEMBER 10TH, 2013 (North America Release Date)
Bloodgood: Dangerously Close (Doolittle)
Caina: Earth Inferno (Church Of)
Derogatory: Above All Else (FDA Rekotz)
Disfiguring The Goddess: Deprive (Decomp)
Dismal: Giostra di Vapore (Dreamcell 11)
Groan: Ride The Snake EP (Superhot)
Kimi Karki: The Bone Of My Bones (Svart)
Lament: Left Behind (Roxx)
Mastodon: Live At Brixton (Warner Brothers)
Nightwish: Showtime, Storytime DVD/CD (Nuclear Blast)
The Ocean: Collective Oblivion DVD (Metal Blade)
Selim Lemouchi & His Enemies: Earth Air Spirit Water Fire (Van)
Slaughterday: Nightmare Vortex (FDA Rekotz)
Usurpress / Bent Sea: Split (Selfmadegod Records)

Alghazanth: The Three-Faced Pilgrim (Inverse Records, Woodcut Records)
Blind Secrecy: The Edge (Inverse Records)
Hecate Enthroned: Virulent Rapture (Crank Records, Inverse Records)
Tromort: ‘Creación Profana’ (Mulligore Production)
Verdict: The Meaning of Isolation (Self-release)
Whip: Diitus Impudicus (Polypus Records, Duplicate Records)