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METAL RELEASE LIST - Week of December 31st, 2013
Below is a list of Metal releases for the week of December 24th, 2013. The list is compiled by release dates on various websites, press releases, and from various promos. You will also find any and all coverage available for them here as well.

El Drugstore: Plague Ship (Nefarious Industries)
Patrons of the Rotting Gate: The Rose Coil (The Path less Traveled Records)
Redneck: Possession (Eolian Empire)
Suffering in Solitude: A Place Apart (Domestic Genocide Records)

Altar of Betelgeuze: Darkness Sustains the Silence (Memento Mori Records)
Church of Disgust: Unworldly Summoning (Memento Mori, Transcending Obscurity PR)
Jaldaboath: The Further Adventures… (Death to Music Productions)
Run After To: Run After To/Gjinn and Djinn (Shadow Kingdom Records)