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METAL RELEASE LIST - Week of March 16th, 2014

MARCH 18TH, 2014
Alterbeast: Immortal (Unique Leader)
Assassins: War of Aggression (eOne Music)
Bl’ast!: The Expression of Power (Southern Lord)
Coffinworm: IV.I.VIII (Profound Lore)
Dodsferd: The Parasitic Survival of the Human Race (Moribund)
Don Jamieson: Hell Bent for Laughter (Metal Blade)
Gus G.: I Am the Fire (Century Media)
Nocturnal Breed: Napalm Nights (Agonia)
Offenders: We Must Rebel/I Hate Myself/Endless Struggle (Southern Lord)
Perfect Pussy: Say Yes to Love (Captured Tracks, Requiem Media)
Ringworm: Hammer of the Witch (Relapse)
Riotgod: Driven Rise (Metalville)
Savage Messiah: The Fateful Dark (Century Media)
The Socks: The Socks (Small Stone Recordings)
Twilight: III: Beneath Trident’s Tomb (Century Media)
Vampire: Vampire (Century Media)

MARCH 21ST, 2014
Dread Sovereign: All Hell’s Martyrs (Ván)
Gun Barrel: Damage Dancer (Massacre)

MARCH 22ND, 2014
Noble Beast: Noble Beast (Tridroid)

All release dates above are taken from promos and press releases obtained and only as accurate as the information provided.