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After a number of re-issues were made available last week, this week sees plenty more new albums, and a few collections, as well as a DVD. Below are all the albums that will be released today in North America, as well as all related reviews posted to this site.
Alastor: Out Of Anger (Metal Mind)
Antimatter: Fear Of A Unique Identity (Prophecy)
Infernal Poetry: Paraphiliac (Bakerteam)
Insult To Injury: Dead Weight EP (Fort Charter)
Kruk: Be 3 (Metal Mind)
The Magik Way: Materia Occulta (1997-1999) (Sad Sun)
Megascavenger: Descent Of Yuggoth (Selfmadegod)
Mors Principium Est: And Death Said Live (AFM)
Paradox: Tales Of The Weird (AFM)
The Plot In You: Could You Watch Your Children Burn Out (Rise)
Rammstein: Videos 1995-2012 DVD (Universal)
Recovery Council: Plan-Do-Check-Act (Dot Ultra)
Straight On Target: Pharmakos (Bakerteam)
Unburied: Murder 101 (Selfmadegod) (first impression)
Workshop: Made Love To The Dragon (Demonstealer)