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Archaic Decapitator
Esteemed metal site Heavy Blog Is Heavy premiered “The Three Poisons” this afternoon. The song serves as the debut single off of Light of a Different Sun, the upcoming Ep by Connecticut progressive melodic death metal unit Archaic Decapitator.

Stream the single HERE:

The site had this to say regarding the band and their music: “Sometimes music is reminiscent of something that I have heard before. It can carry two different connotations. On one hand, it’s nice to be reminded of stuff I used to dig, but on the other hand it begins to feel derivative and outdated. Archaic Decapitator are a member of neither, because they take a killer sound I enjoyed back in the day and made it sound even better than before. Fortunately for us, the band have chosen us to host a brand new song titled “The Three Poisons”. “

Archaic Decapitator: Light of a Different Sun

Pre-orders are available at THIS LOCATION.

Archaic Decapitator

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