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Death Metal Bird Song

Bill “Cuckoo Braaaaains” Barnes is pleased to announce he has started writing his debut album “Anally Fisting Your Moms With a Bluebird House” with his bird-watching, misanthropic death metal crossover project, Death Metal Bird Song. He expects to complete the album in the autumn when the bird migration starts. So far he is completing work on gore-drenched songs about carrion eaters, cum peckers, tits (human and avian) nest robbers, the black bird apocalypse, dog attacks, venomous critters, all the while hailing death metal legends such as Cannibal Corpse, Deicide, Unleashed, Morbid Angel, Morgoth and many more. Barnes is cousins with Six Feet Under singer Chris Barnes. He learned many of his vocal techniques from this family member.

Cuckoo Braaaaains dwells in the back woods of Texas where he enjoys watching videos of humans die (Traces of Death II is his favorite film), observing and photographing birds, smoking grass and just communing with nature. He is a misanthrope who only likes birders and metal heads. He rarely leaves his hovel, mostly just to buy more pot. Once in while he ventures to the big city to watch his favorite death and black metal bands. He sometimes ends up in trouble when he goes out into society and often ends up in jail or a mental institution.

Death Metal Bird Song plays brutal death metal with slammin’ TXDM parts, but also hails other styles of music such as black metal. Barnes loves Norwegian black metal. Not only do the artists have a never ending hate for humanity, they also hail nature’s divine wisdom. Expect to hear the influence by such bands as Borknagar, Enslaved and Emperor. Barnes enjoys smoking dope around a campfire every now and then and has been known to play John Denver and Kris Kristofferson.

Death Metal Bird Song not only looks to death metal and humanity’s demise for inspiration, Barnes mimics nature’s call, whether aggressive or passive. He is working on mimicking the calls from Texas’ state bird, the Mocking Bird in a schizophrenic mash up of jazz and classical music-inspired death metal.

Bill Barnes hates humanity for what they’ve done to the earth; however, he hopes his music will appeal to both birders and death metal fans. If anyone calls him a bird nerd, though, he says he will split them down the middle with his buck knife and use their hide for the drum kit he’s constructing.

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