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Filth-bangin’ heavy metal squadron BAT are doing a short run of American tour dates to coincide with their appearance at Hells Headbangers’ “Hells Headbash – Part 2,” set for September 4-6 in Cleveland, Ohio at the Agora Theater and Ballroom. BAT are touring on their recently released Hells Headbangers 7″ Cruel Discipline – streamed in its entirety by HERE, as part of their exclusive “The Road to Hells Headbash” coverage – and will be slaying necks in the following cities.

Tour Dates:
September 3 – Richmond, VA @ Strange Matter
September 4 – Cleveland, OH @ Hells Headbash at The Agora (4:35 pm set time)
September 5 – Chicago, IL @ The Beat Kitchen
September 6 – Pittsburgh PA @ The Smiling Moose

Says vocalist/guitarist Ryan Waste, “We’ve been dying to get on the road and rip through some of these new songs from our upcoming full-length on Hells Headbangers. BAT is fresh out of the studio, so we are primed and ready. We’re ready to rage at Headbash and annihilate Richmond, Chicago, and Pittsburgh along the way!”

A live video of the title track to Cruel Discipline can be viewed HERE:

The 7″ can be ordered HERE. A poster for this mini-tour is as follows:


At “Hells Headbash – Part 2,” BAT will join other such HHR-affiliated bands as Satanic Warmaster, Profanatica, Archgoat, Midnight, Inquisition, Deiphago, Acid Witch, Destruktor, Black Witchery, Deceased, High Spirits, Deathhammer, Nyogthaeblisz, Abysmal Lord, Demonic Christ, Bonehunter, Perdition Temple, Cianide, Evil Army, The Haunting Presence, Blood Feast, Nexul, Ævangelist, October 31, Manticore, Sacrocurse, Embalmer, Prosanctus Inferi, Cemetery Lust, Gravewurm, Nocturnal Blood, Shitfucker, Hellvetron, and The Lurking Corpses. More info, as well as complete set times, can be found HERE.

Bat: Cruel Discipline

Press release provided by Hells Headbangers.