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Blut Aus NordUnrivalled masters of truly obscure soundscapes, BLUT AUS NORD unveil, at last, a brand-new song taken off Deus Salutis Meæ, one of the most anticipated albums of the year. The track, “Apostasis,” can be heard at heavily trafficked web-portal at < href="" target="_blank">THIS LOCATION nd through the Bandcamp widget here:

Says of “Apostasis,” “It has the heaving, hammering, compulsive gigantism and the density of textures of the first two full songs, but other fascinating things happen here, too — shimmering, soaring bursts of ethereal and fearsome melody; truly monstrous examples of vocal distortion, producing the expressions of beasts that have no business speaking in our world; blasting percussion; dopplering and chiming tones; filaments of swooping and diving guitar solos that would make Jeff Hanneman smile; and bursts of magnetic riffage.”

Mastered by Bruno Varea at Upload-Studio and scheduled for North American release on October 20th by Debemur Morti Productions, Deus Salutis Meæ contains ten hallucinatory compositions.

Blut Aus Nord: Deus Salutis MeæTrack list:
01. δημιουργός
02. Chorea Macchabeorum
03. Impius
04. γνῶσις
05. Apostasis
06. Abisme
07. Revelatio
08. ἡσυχασμός
09. Ex tenebrae Lucis
10. Métanoïa

The tremendous artwork was handed to talented Artist Anna Levytska.

Deus Salutis Meæ is available for pre-order right now in sumptuous Digipack CD, Gatefold 12″ LP, special edition Gatefold 12″ LP and digital download. An excellent T-shirt and Hooded Zip-Front Sweatshirt are also up for pre-order.

Originating in 1994 from the ashes of VLAD (who released two demos), BLUT AUS NORD are undisputable French Black Metal pioneers, always managing to progress and move forward, evolving in perpetual mutation, developing their own vision of Black Metal.

Choosing, from the start, the total opposite path of regressive bands (who copy what others have done ten years earlier and ten times better), BLUT AUS NORD eschews all the inherent clichés belonging to the genre. BLUT AUS NORD’s Black Metal approach is a fist in the face of mainstream mediocrity, becoming more macabre and sinister through a blend of innovative musical research, subliminal mental manipulation, and an incredible haunted, nightmarish feeling based on disharmony.

BLUT AUS NORD are creators of a hallucinogenic universe, erasing all preconceived ideas of Black Metal – and extreme music in general. They redefine the rules…

Blut Aus NordPress release provided by Suspicious Activities PR.