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Buckshot Facelift
Active since 2004, New York-based powerviolence/death metal/grindcore veterans Buckshot Facelift have always stayed true to their mission of delivering ugly, grinding metal, drawing on a cornucopia of influences and manifesting with a street level, DIY mindset. The group consists of talented musicians that play in established acts such as Artificial Brain, Grey Skies Fallen, newcomers Thaetas, and much more. When their different visions come together as Buckshot Facelift, a unique sound emerges the likes of which are difficult to pigeonhole.

Today, they announce their upcoming fourth full-length, Ulcer Island, which expertly flaunts their amorphous nature, with songs constantly switching gears and combining different styles together in a variety of different ways throughout its eclectic 41-minute run time. Ulcer Island will be released through Paragon Records on April 14th.

Vocalist Will (Artifical Brain, Afterbirth) comments on the album: “Ulcer Island is a concept album in which the narrative gradually moves from the oblique street level view into a dreamlike introspection, Ulcer Island’s blend of grindcore, powerviolence, and death metal is arranged in a way that mirrors this transition as the album progresses.”

**Stay tuned for upcoming singles, pre-orders, and early promos for reviewers in the coming weeks.

Buckshot Facelift: Ulcer IslandTracklist:
1. Ulcer Island
2. Czech Yourself
3. Afterbirth Puzzle 2016
4. Ascend to Descend
5. Burn the Baby Raper
6. OxyDocs
7. Sundress Skeletor
8. Comptroller Cult
9. What Does Fergus Dream Of?
10. Hell Eats Repetition (Goodbye)
11. Don’t Hang from the Pipes
12. Weathered Mask of Autumn (Unearthing the Armless)
13. Delusions of a New Age
14. Dustification (End Times Version)
15. A Trophy Cup Intoxicant

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