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Cannibal Accident
Finnish masters of grind CANNIBAL ACCIDENT have teamed up with Toilet ov Hell to stream “Total End”. The track, which was previously only available on their limited edition Lennu EP will now see release on their forthcoming compilation album “EncyclopediaCannibalicium: Minimal Results With Maximal Effort, which will be released on July 29th via Nailjar Records.

Listen to “Total End” at THIS LOCATION

Pre-order EncyclopediaCannibalicium: Minimal Results With Maximal Effort HERE

The band is also currently mid a European tour which will continue for the next week. All remaining dates can be found below.

Tour Dates:
Mon 25/7 – Ozi Pub – Zory (Pol)
Wed 27/7 – Garage Pub, Tarnow (Pol)
Thu 28/7 – Rakwa Music Club, Roznava (Slk)
Fri 29/7 – Music Club Bezv – Jihlava (Cze)
Sat 30/7 – MC Fabrika – Ceske Budejovice (Cze)
Sun 31/7 – Orthodox Club – Mlada Boleslav (Cze)

Cannibal Accident: Encyclopedia Cannibalicium: Minimal Results With Maximal Effort

Cannibal Accident CD (2009):
1. Intro: Fuckathamnon
2. Pubic Bone Divider
3. Tender Flesh
4. Accidental Cannibal
5. Zombie Holo-Acoustic
6. Total End
7. Born in a Vacuumpack
8. Ass Fed for Nutrition
9. Chili Con Carnage (Bon Ape Tit)
10.Eat the Prisoners
11. Global Chilling by Cannibalism
12. Rectum Loosener
13. From Cunt to a Grave
14. Fleshwalker
15. Lobotomy and Lust
16. Snouthill Ballwax Pansio
17. Dawn of the Dead
18. All Seeing Third-Eye
19. Abominable Death (Nephritis cover)

Brutalent MCD (2010)
20. In Utero Habenero
21. Deadmeatfeast
22. Meat is Murder (And Murder is Good)
23. Slaves on the Leash
24. Facial Bladefuck
25. Live on Liver (Die on Diet)
26. Necromutant Impregnation
27. Toilet it Be (Eat Less)
28. Torsofucker
29. Hippophobia

Cannibal Accident and the Friends of Flesh MCD (2014):
30. Sodomodification Tuplaliha
31. Lunacy Worship
32. Fistfucking Varissuo
33. Isi Nostaa Torson Salkoon
34. Biological Failure (The Beast)
35. Kott och Tarmar
36. Hobo lobotomy
37. Doooom
38. Motivated To Grill (Torture Killer cover)
39. Orgiastic Hypotermia

Lennu 7″EP (2012)
40. Nuclear Semenstorm
41. Chili Con Carnage
42. Total End
43. Dawn of the Dead
44. Rectum Loosener

Split 7″EP with Inferia (2014)
45. Shit Fix
46. Load-in (Ass-fed again)
47. Deja-vulva
48. Human Haggis
Tracks from Gracias Veteranos Record Shop X Compilation:
49. Sininen ja Mato Valtonen
50. Oi Maamme

Live @Turku Band Festival 16 Jan 2016:
51. Twinmaker (live)

Cannibal Accident

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