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Today, the legendary Convulse reveal a lyric video for the new track “God is You” at heavily trafficked web-portal The track hails from the band’s highly anticipated new album for Svart Records, Cycle of Revenge, set for international release on March 18th. The video can be seen/heard in its entirety HERE

As one of the oldest Finnish death netal veterans, Convulse have a somewhat interesting history, to say the least. Beginning as a full-on death metal band in 1990, the debut demo, Resuscitation of Evilness, as well as the 1991 debut album, World Without God, were more or less successful attempts from Convulse to flex their death metal muscles for the whole world.

In 1993, Convulse returned to the limelight again, offering two new songs on the Lost Equilibrium CD-single – and at the same time, giving a taste of what was to be expected on their second album, 1994’s Reflections. Convulse had started incorporating some rock ‘n’ roll elements into their murky and uncompromising death metal sound, much like some of their Finnish extreme metal comrades (Xysma and Disgrace primarily come to mind). The band’s “death ‘n’ roll” sound on their sophomore album divided the Convulse fanbase, with some embracing the new direction while facing rejection from others. It’s both difficult and pointless to speculate at this point whether the drastic musical change led to Convulse’s downfall, but perhaps it was one of the reasons behind the split up in 1994. Only the original band members can say for sure…

Fast-forward nearly two decades, and new life had been breathed into the old Convulse corpse. Who would have expected to see Convulse making new music in 2012?! A year later, in early November 2013, Convulse’s third album, Evil Prevails, was unleashed by Svart Records onto the death metal world. The album introduced eight songs of dark, wicked and “true” death metal – the “true” Convulse style. Churning out dogmatically heavy, untamed, and aggressive death metal, seeing the band return to its true roots was exactly what death metal maniacs needed.

It’s a funny thing how history has this strange tendency to repeat itself from time to time, which applies to Convulse’s musical crusade throughout the band’s existence. Since the days of Evil Prevails, Convulse – now a three-piece after guitarist Kristian Kangasniemi left the troops – has once-again sorta “re-discovered” some new ways to express itself musically…like it or not.

The band’s forthcoming, fourth album, Cycle of Revenge, has been in process for many months already, and during those months, the Convulse trio composed eight new songs. The album is shaping up to receive nearly the same musical treatment as what previously happened between the band’s first two albums back in the early ’90s.

However, on Cycle of Revenge, Convulse really haven’t gone back to their “death ‘n’ roll” mode, but have still made a radical musical shift. Try to imagine combining some of Pink Floyd’s psychedelic, airy moments with Finnish prog-rock masters Kingston Wall’s beautiful, ear-tickling melodies. Throw in the genuine angst and despair-ridden melancholia of Sentenced’s Amok album, and even add some grooviness àla Sepultura’s later era or Soulfly, then spice it all up with Rami Jämsä’s trademark-ish throaty and belly-trembling death grunts. You may now have some sort of an idea what can be expected from Cycle of Revenge.

Scared now? Well, perhaps you should not be after all, as Cycle of Revenge, sincerely said, may well be this semi-legendary band’s best work to date. No kidding, folks. You will be the judge…and you can place judgment HERE, with the lyric video for “God is You,” courtesy of Cover and tracklisting are as follows:

Convulse: Cycle of RevengeTracklist:
1. Cycle of Revenge
2. God is You
3. Pangaea
4. Fractured Pieces
5. Nature of Humankind
6. Ever Flowing Stream
7. War
8. Into the Void


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